Chapter 242 – Fragrance of a flower


Lily has been thrown into the air.

She reaches the peak of her arc, and starts slowing down as she descends, right where the newly manifested Hipopo brothers are crowding together.

It really is just a coincidence.

I’m repeating myself, but I didn’t plan for that at all.

As she falls, she casts a shadow on the face of a particularly large Hipopo brother.

As it raises its head to see where this shadow is coming from, its face is buried into Lily’s abdomen.

It’s like a nose uppercut.


I feel like I hear this sound coming from Lily, amid the noise of Hipopo brothers’ footsteps.

Between the momentum of the Hipopo brothers running rapidly, and the one quickly raising its head, Lily is thrown into the air again.

Her body spins as it goes in the direction of the center of the underground lake, where the main body of the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ is.

And then she crashes head first into the giant flower petals.

The giant flower shakes, and the only part of Lily that is still visible, her foot, is also buried by the flower petals.

And it’s then that a flowery smell fills the cave.

I feel like I’ve smelled this before.

I know, it’s the flowery smell that Lily had on her in the white mask party in the capital.

This smell that is dozens of times thicker than before, to the point of becoming a foul smell, now fills the entire cave.

Multiple giant white petals start raining.

I look up, and see the ceiling is covered with what looks like roots of the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’.

There are some stalks dangling down from these roots, which bloom into pure white flowers.

And they start scattering petals as soon as they bloom.

Flower petals slowly and gently scatter and fall.

Those weren’t there before!

I immediately cover my nose with the sleeve on my left arm.

Through my clothes, I can see the controlled march of the Hipopo brothers is becoming disturbed.


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