Chapter 249 – Clue!!

I check that the purifying light is completely under my control, and slowly pull Taula’s sword out.

…My internal organs should be safe.

I quickly pour on my head a potion I have ready, and stop the bleeding.

The blood loss is making me dizzy, but I’ll heal that later.

“I have to hurry…”

I hold with an underhand grip the sword that now feels very heavy, thrust it at the purifying light trapped by the curse, and push it down like I’m sewing it at the floor of the cave.

The purifying light crackles, like it’s angry as I push it on the ground.
But I don’t think it can do anything.

I check to see if it’s completely trapped, and use my now free hands to take out of my backpack and prepare what I’m planning to use next.

“《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》.”

Scrolls unravel in mid-air.


I pulverize the magic stones I have in stock all at once, dissolve the powder in pure water, and make a solution to write magic circuits.
Then I drip a drop of blood infused with curse into the water.

That one drop turns the solution into a dusky color.

“《Release》 the constraints of gravity, 《Target》 magic circuit solution.
《Transcribe》, 《Project》.”

I hold up the book I always use that works like a magic item and has magic circuits listed.

“《Index Search》, communication circuit 《Execute》.”

A magic circuit is written into the blade of the sword.

I’m using the same magic circuit that is written into the plant type transmuted beasts that are used in the latest communications devices.

Normally, I would have to write the same magic circuit on both the sender and receiver, but I can push through it with the resonance curse!

I’m done writing the magic circuit, and the blade shines faintly with magic elements.

“This should do it.
Please connect to Taula…”

This is a warped transmuted item made on the spot with alchemy and curses.

But I’m feeling confident.
The purifying light that took Taula away and the one under my control should be pretty close.

And there’s a chance that the resonance curse using my blood as a medium and the communications device made with alchemy will combine.

This goes to a realm beyond logic, so I’m confident it will work.

But there’s no response from the shining magic elements on the blade, or the trapped purifying light.

“…This shouldn’t be happening…”

As I stumble due to losing too much blood and grip the handle of the sword tightly, I put my forehead against the sword handle and sit down.


I hear a voice coming from the sword.


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