Chapter 254 – After waking up!

The bright light of the sun falls on my eyes, and my wavering consciousness suddenly becomes clear.

I jolt as I sit up.

“Taula!! This is my room…”

I guess I was dreaming.
I mumble as I look around.

It’s a room I’m used to seeing.
I can see Rose’s vines here and there, and the equipment I use for alchemy that I left on the desk is still there.
And the place is spotless.

There’s no doubt that Rose has been cleaning every centimeter of this place as it usually does.

I try to think back, as my mind is still woozy.
I guess I was brought here after I reached Putaresque and collapsed.

“I think I remember Kalin catching me.”

Thinking about being brought down from Seilook, and Kalin holding my limp body in her arms as she carried me here is kind of troubling.

But I have more important things to think about, and slowly get up while holding on to a vine that Rose extends for me.

“Some parts of my body still feel weak…”

I whisper as I get ready to leave the room.


I feel light-headed and stumble.
I grab on to Rose’s vine again, as it helps me get dressed.

Rose very gently supports my body.

It waves another vine, and points to the bed where I was sleeping until a few minutes ago.

I think it’s worried and asking me to stay there.

“Thank you, but I have things to do.
And thank you for supporting me all that time while we were flying with Seilook.
You’ve been doing a perfect job taking care of this room too.
I have to go out for a bit, but when I get back, I’ll clean up the tips of your frayed vines and make them look nice.”

Rose’s vines suddenly pull back.
I’m just thinking about fixing up the tips a bit, but as always, Rose doesn’t like pruning in general.

I smile awkwardly at Rose, as I leave to go talk to Kalin, despite the discomfort in my body.


“…And so, I want to focus on bringing Taula back from now on.”

I manage to reach Kalin without any problems, and tell her what happened with the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ and what I want to do.
Master Halhammer, Ahri, and Roa are also here.
And of course, I’m facing my boss, Kalin.

“That Princess Lily was actually…”

“…I never saw anything…”

Ahri and Roa don’t hide their surprise.
It seems not even their magic eyes gave any hints that Princess Lily was actually possessed by the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’.

I didn’t find out anything with my transcribe scrolls either.
Those demons we call the primordial eight really are on another level.

“Do you have any clues as to Taula’s whereabouts, Rust?”

“Yes, Master Halhammer.
There’s one place that maybe…”

Kalin has a grave look on her face as we speak.
She’s acting in a way that’s completely different from her usual self.

I’m guessing this report is too troubling, because her eyes are closed, and she’s rocking from left to right while groaning.

Everyone else in the room looks at each other, and it’s then that Kalin finally opens her mouth, and speaks with great vigor.

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