Chapter 269 – Scripture secured

I feel like I hear a pained scream from somewhere in the void, as the strings I sever crumble.

There is light in an area of the dim void, and I can see the scripture of Araysla floating where the crumbling strings were connected.

I approach it and grab it, and the world around me starts flickering.

Before I know it, I’m back in Actor Reese’s room.

“Reese! Thank goodness!”

I hear Kahelone.

I turn around, and see Reese looking around as Kahelone hugs her.

“Thank goodness… I’m so happy.
Welcome back, Reese.
Dear god, thank you.
I am so grateful.
Thank you for sending Master Rust…”

She says as she holds Reese by both sides of her face and looks into her eyes.


Whispers Reese, sounding confused.
I don’t think she fully understands what happened.
But she reaches toward Kahelone’s face with her hand, and wipes her tears as they fall.

“Your eyes are red.”

Their bond must be very deep.
I didn’t expect to see her like this, based on how calm and composed she looked when we first got here.

I realize that staring is rude, so I turn away.

It’s not like god sent me here or anything… No, I guess that could have caused it indirectly?

I shrug, and check where I am.
I’m still standing in front of the desk, exactly where I was before I went to that world.

I had just put my hand on the drawer, right?

I look at my hand, and see I’m already holding the scripture of Araysla.
Did I grab it in that world? Or did I take it from the drawer?

I shrug again, thinking that I’m not going to get an answer to that question, at least not right now, and focus on what I can do.

First, just as a precaution…

I put my glove back on my right hand, and take out a 《Seal》 scroll.

“Rust, what happened?”

Asks Roa, and I respond while wrapping the seal scroll around the book.

“What did you see?”

Curiosity gets the better of me and I answer with a question.

“As soon as you touched the desk, you became unresponsive just like Actor Reese.
But only for about ten seconds.”

“I see.
So not a lot of time passed.
I’ll explain what happened when everyone’s ready to hear it.”

I say while peeking over at Kahelone, who is hugging Reese tightly.

Roa has a dubious look on her face.

She then walks quickly towards Kahelone and Reese and whispers something to them.

They stop hugging, and Kahelone approaches me while wiping her eyes.

“Master Rust, I am very, very grateful for what you have done.
I promise I will repay this kindness.
So, hum, I hear you wish to explain…”

Kahelone says as she turns to Roa, before turning back to me with a smile.
And then, as she seemingly holds back the overflowing feelings of joy she wants to transmit, I start explaining what happened, with my own conjecture mixed in.

I do this in part to explain why Actor Reese lost her oracle power.


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