Chapter 270 – Departure

After explaining everything from start to finish, I hand the scripture I’m holding to Reese, and I get ready to receive all the criticism that’s coming my way.

I saved Reese from the curse, but I had to cut off her talent to do it.

Reese holds the book with both hands, and positions them like she’s praying.

“I’m not an Actor anymore, am I?”

She says as she looks away from the book, and looks up at actor Kahelone.

“Sister Reese, you are what you have always been, a devout follower of Araysla, and our dear sister.”

Says Actor Kahelone, before taking Sister Reese’s hands and placing them on her forehead.

“Yes, Actor Kahelone.”

Sister Reese smiles like she’s accepted everything, and turns my way.

“Master Rust, thank you very much.
Don’t worry about the oracle power.
I think of it as having returned a power granted to me by god.
And more importantly, there is a great evil.
Please save Miss Taula.”

Says Sister Reese, as she hands me her scripture.
Did she feel the presence of the enemy that was deep in that space where she was being held?

“I will hold on to it.
And thank you for the warning.
I will bring this back to you when this is over.”

I thank her, and imply that we’ll be leaving.

The two silently send us off with smiles, as Roa and I leave the room and go back to Seilook.

“Master Rust.”


Roa says quietly right after we start walking.

“I know it wasn’t the real world, but you went too far.”


She’s talking about how I found Reese.
I don’t argue and just apologize.

We keep talking as we walk, and there is a lot of commotion in the church.

When we reach Seilook, we see the same noisy sisters from before looking at it up close.

They must like dragons.

“Seilook, thank you for waiting.
Can we lift off?”

I greet Seilook, and then I hear the sisters talking to each other.

“Apparently it was sudden.”

“The arms association was asking about when the funeral service could be held…”

“If it’s someone like a vice-president, the scale of it is going to be…”

It sounds like someone died.

That’s all I hear before Seilook flaps its wings and we fly away towards our next destination.


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