Chapter 273 – Connection!!

I take the glove off my right hand, and curses surround it like they’re almost falling off.

I turn the pages on the book that rests on the altar, and that’s enough for me to feel it slightly.
The feeling that comes from my curses interfering with this charm.

I let this spark guide me and keep turning the pages.


That feeling changes when I reach a certain page.

I carefully press down on that page with my right hand.

And then, while maintaining this position, I take the bottle with the homunculus out of my potion holder.

I open the bottle, and look inside.

The homunculus is always either idle or sleeping, but now it looks full of energy.

It keeps moving its arms and legs like it’s dancing.

But then it stops dancing, and crawls out of the bottle on its own with both arms and legs clinging to it.
It then hops onto the edge of the bottle, and jumps into the air and towards the altar.

It lands on the altar, and starts jumping around like it’s dancing again.

Apparently it’s using the curse power around us that mostly comes from my right hand and the altar as scaffolding.

So it can do that uh? Oh well, that just saves me some time.

I look at the homunculus dancing in front of me with admiration, and notice that where it dances, it leaves a trail of purifying light that’s drawing a magic circle in the air.

Curses keep being drawn from my right hand too.

Part of it travels through the conducting wire and into the magic item Roa is holding.

That tube-shaped magic item has two features built in.

First, boost Roa’s long-distance sight.
But that doesn’t just increase how far she can see.

A place not here… Where Taula was taken.
Roa’s magic eye is connecting to where the magic circle the dancing homunculus is drawing leads.

“Master Rust, static.”

Says Roa as she looks through the magic item.
I check the flow of the magic elements and curses going through the magic item from a distance, and give instructions.

“The knobs on the side.
Raise the second from the back’s memory, and lower the fifth from the back by three and a half memories.”

“It’s moving, I can see.
Good job Master Rust.”

We’ve finally connected to where Taula was taken, and the second feature of the magic item is activating.


The magic item is transcribing the magic circle the homunculus is drawing where Taula is looking at.

To use primordial magic to move from one place to another, a magic circle has to be present on both sides.

I don’t have something to use as an intermediary, so this is the only method I could think of.

The homunculus stops dancing, and the magic circle is done being drawn on the other side.

The next moment, the magic circle is transformed by overflowing light.

I hear an indescribable noise, almost like the space around me is creaking.
I try my best to bear the sound that feels like it’s rattling my back teeth.

I peek over at Roa, and she’s frowning too.

When the noise finally stops, there is a hole in the air near the altar.


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