Chapter 280 – Restrictions??

“Good grief.
It would be great if I could do that, but unfortunately, we are also captives of restrictions.
How sad.
But in any case, I have given you the first warning, Rust Struna Hartnicks.
I will warn you again.
The second.
You will be warned twice.”

Zwei says with exaggerated gestures.

We, Zwei said… Hm… I’m curious about those restrictions, but it looks like it can’t put its hands on me directly, so that’s nice.
Is that why it took Taula? Is it saying it will harm people around me if I don’t listen to its warnings?

I nod slowly, while feeling relieved.

It seems there is very little chance that this will turn into a fight.

If I have time, I have the leeway to do something.
Analyzing, understanding, and putting what I learn into practice are the fundamentals of alchemy.

Now I know that regardless of how extraordinary this Zwei being is, it’s not flawless.
I know I’ll come up with something before the next time we meet.

“I understand.
By stop raising heroes, you mean stop giving Seilook points, right? So Mister Zwei, what is a hero anyway?”

“What!? You ask that now!? Surely someone related to Hartnicks would know.
It was a thousand years ago, was it not!? You are the descendant of the one who was granted the power of alchemy by the first hero, the ancestral dragon!”

The pressure I feel from the being in front of me intensifies all of a sudden.
It’s enough for me to struggle to breathe.

I panic thinking that was the wrong question to ask, but it’s too late.

Zwei slams its fist on an armrest.

The pressure that creates rushes towards me, and pushes me back along with a repulsive field.

I’m pushed back from where the chair suddenly disappeared, and keep going back.
I go through the hole and into the cave of the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’, but the repulsive field is still not stopping.

“…! Simultaneous activation, 《Manifest》 Rose!”

I quickly call Rose’s vines from the scroll, which fly out and wrap around me in a sphere.

This sphere made up of vines with me inside then crashes into the cave’s wall.

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