Chapter 283 – Kalin’s plan

“Who might you be?”

“My name is Rust, Princess Lily.”

Taula, Roa, and I rushed back with Seilook, and a few days after I reported to Kalin, I meet with Princess Lily.

I visit her temporary residence just as she’s having tea, with her two knights, Zoroa and Lismist standing behind her.

I can tell they’re nervously watching her every move.

She tries to carefully put down the porcelain teacup on her hand, and bumps into the edge of the table in the process.

I see.
Her words and actions seem kind of clumsy, and her expression also looks somewhat childish.
And more importantly, it looks like she’s having trouble controlling her adult body.

I think about this as I pretend not to see Zoroa jump in and wipe the tea that was spilled when the teacup bumped into the table.

“Have we met before, Mister Rust?”

I’m sure she has asked the same question to several people.
I can even hear some sadness behind her words.

“Yes princess, I have had the honor of talking to you several times.”

I respond while bowing.

Lismist then whispers something to her.

“Master Rust, sit down.
Have some tea.”

“Thank you, Princess Lily.”

I’m here talking to Princess Lily on Kalin’s request.
Apparently she talked to Zoroa and Lismist about it too.

I’ve come to a standstill on my work to counter Zwei, so I accepted, but… She seems to have fully recovered physically, but it still pains me to see it.

She received the education one would expect from royalty, so even though she was young when her body was taken over by the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’, she has good manners and is capable of holding a conversation.
But still, there’s an unshakable uncomfortable feeling about hearing this come out of an adult woman.

So you let me ride a dragon with you.
I like high places.”

We continue this vague conversation as I observe Princess Lily and the flow of magic elements and curses.

From what I can see, she is a perfectly normal person now.
There are no remnants of purifying light either, and no signs that the memories from the time she spent as the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’ will come back.

This is what Kalin asked me to do.
First, check if there are any memories or strong influence remaining from the ‘Third Seat of Immorality’.

I’m sure others have thoroughly checked this, so Kalin said I’m kind of like the final check.
Oh well, that just means she trusts me.

“Yes, of course.
We could ride Seilook again together and look at the town from the sky.”

I’m so happy.”

The flow of the conversation leads me to accept letting her ride Seilook with me again, but her expression and the way she talks match her mental age, and I could even go as far as to say it’s adorable.

Kalin was saying we could even use Princess Lily as she is now to meddle with the politics of the capital.

I’m sure people around Princess Lily know she has the backing of a powerful noble, but… Oh well, I’m sure I won’t have to deal with any of that.
I won’t, right…

I look at Zoroa and Lismist, and sneak a sigh.


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