Chapter 284 – After tea snacks!!

I leave the building after having tea with Princess Lily, and see Ahri.

“Welcome back, Master Rust.
I’m glad that you made it back safely.”

“Ah, Ahri.
It’s nice to be back.”

We haven’t really had the chance to talk, so we greet each other again,

“I heard about it from Roa, Master Rust.”

Says Ahri as she takes one step towards me with a gentle, full smile on her face.

“Ah, hum… Which one?”

“Oh dear, Master Rust.
There is more than one?”

Ahri says as she tilts her head with the same smile still on her face.

It looks like I said too much.
Ahri takes another step towards me as I lament my tactical mistake.

What did Roa tell you? And you’re too close.

Putaresque has been developing nicely, and there are more people walking around in the streets, many of them being people I know.
I feel a lot of curious eyes on me.

I look around, desperately searching for something to get me out of this, but… Kuh! I don’t see anyone who will help me.
Ah, that might…

It’s not right to stand here and talk, so how about we go over there?”

I say while pointing to a store that sells sweets and opened recently.
I’ve actually talked to the owner before.

The building itself is made up of one of Eve’s bamboo shoots, so I helped with the store’s layout and other things the owner wanted.

“It looks busy.
And Master Rust, don’t you have somewhere you need to be soon?”

I should have expected this from Ahri, she even knows my plans.
Is that why she was waiting for me outside? But she didn’t say no to going there, so I need to placate her with sweets and use that opening to make my case!

“It’s fine.
Come here.”


I say as I take Ahri by the hand and start walking.
It feels like she’s wondering what I’m talking about at first, but then she simply follows me.

We go around the back to avoid the line in the front.
I know a lot about Eve’s buildings.

As we approach the backdoor, a sweet smell tickles my nostrils.
I knock on the door and call out to the people inside.

Is the owner here?”

“Oh! If it isn’t Master Rust! You finally came to try out my new place! I have been expecting you.”

The owner opens the door and greets me.
She’s a pretty brave woman.
She’s young, but came all the way to a town in the borderland and opened a popular sweets shop that she’s successfully managing.

Ah, that’s right.
I did tell her that I would definitely drop by.

“Come on in.
I have a special seat open for you and your lady friend.”

Special seat? It’s one of the special areas she asked me to arrange.

It’s on the first floor terrace.
Being up there means the view is nice, and it feels like a certain influential person in this town would like it.


Exclaims Ahri as she sees the view.

“Not bad, is it? And it looks like the place is very popular, isn’t it?”

I ask the owner.

“Yes, thanks to you and the easy to use kitchen and the cute and tasteful interior.
And this special seat is popular with couples out on dates.”

“Eh… So there’s that kind of demand too.
But I’m sure it’s the sweets that bring people here.
That’s what I hear people talking about.”

“Well, I’m happy to hear that, Master Rust.
I know, I have a new item I recommend you try.
How about it? I’m pretty proud of it.”

Says the owner with a grin and full of confidence.

What about you, Ahri?”

“I will have it too.”

We exchange a few more words, and the owner leaves.

“Master Rust, do you know that person well?”

“We worked together a little.”

“She is quite pretty.”

“Is she?”

Oh… Did I pick a bad spot?

The owner then comes back with plates in hand.


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