Chapter 290 – A request from the capital!

I can hear people talking even louder than usual from the other side of the door.

I’m standing in front of the door to Kalin’s office, after being let in because the guard knows who I am.

I’m here to give Roa her new spear, since I’m assuming she’s here.
But it sounds like they’re in the middle of something, so I don’t know if I should knock.

If they’re busy, maybe I should come back later…

But then the doorknob moves, and the door opens.

Roa is now standing in front of me.

“Master Rust.”

“Ah, Roa.
Are you busy? I can come back some other time…”

I say as I’m about to leave, but Roa slides closer to me and wraps her arm around mine, stopping me from leaving.

“You came in just in time.”

“Eh, ah.
Wai, Roa?”

She locks my arm as she drags me into Kalin’s office.


“Lady Kalin, Master Rust was standing there.”

“Nicely done, Roa.”

Kalin compliments Roa, who smugly puffs out her chest, while still holding my arm.

“No, hum, I’m just here to give Roa her new spear… Did something happen, Lady Kalin?”


Roa puts out her hand in front of me.
I didn’t even notice her letting me go.

“Eh, ah.
Let me explain how you use this…”

I take out the new transmuted beast spear from my backpack with my now free hand, and give it to Roa.

She starts waving it around as soon as she takes it.
This room is larger than most, but it’s still a room, and the wind she creates by waving the spear starts messing it up.

“Roa! Do that outside!”

“Yes, Ahri.
Thank you Master Rust, this is a good spear.”

“No, you need to know how to use it.”

She doesn’t listen to me, and slips out of the room.

She’s like a kid with a new toy.
But oh well, at least she actually thanked you.
She’s grown a bit, hasn’t she Ahri?”

Says Kalin while laughing.

“My head hurts… I’m sorry Master Rust.
Please tell me later what she needs to know about the spear.
That seems like a very fine item.
Thank you for doing that for Roa.”

I say yes to Ahri, while seeing the magic elements of her future sight magic eye, and turn to Kalin.

“So Lady Kalin, what is this about?”

I say while pointing to Kalin’s aides, who have grave looks on their faces.

“Ah, yes.
We just received a request from the capital directed specifically to you.”

“Me? Hm… What kind of request?”

“Good question.
Officially, it’s from Floren, the first princess.”


“There’s more.
I have quite a few connections in the royal castle thanks to you, and according to one of those connections, this request is coming to you because behind closed doors, you were recommended by the church of Araysla in the capital.
Apparently they made a case to Princess Floren that you are the best alchemist in the world.”

The church of Araysla in the capital? That reminds me of Actor Kahelone and Sister Reese.

“That’s beyond an exaggeration… So what’s the request anyway?”

“Apparently a dead person has risen.”

Says Kalin still with a smile on her face, although her eyes look troubled.


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