Chapter 29 – Let’s solve the water problem!!

After saying hello to Kalin, I go to my tent to see how the white lizard is doing.
It’s still sleeping.

“Thank you for looking after it Rose.
It looks like you’ve been giving it the potions I left too.
Its condition hasn’t changed, but at least that means it’s not getting worse.”

I say while checking the white lizard’s condition with a scroll.

Rose responds by waving a vice split in two.
I asked it to periodically give the white lizard the potions I left here, and Rose used them all while I was away.

Excessive magic elements can be harmful to all sorts of non-human living beings.
Even monsters can die from an excess of magic elements, or they might become violent if it’s not enough to kill them.
Because of this, I can’t just use a potion filled with magic elements and cure the white lizard immediately like I do with people.
It has to be administered over a long period of time.
Rose is very meticulous, so I can really count on it at a time like this.

I ask Rose once again to watch over the white lizard, and leave the tent to start working.

I go to the water jug with the purification function.
Apparently Roa and Ahri got back before me, and there are two new water jugs next to the old one.
Of course, they’re just water jugs and nothing more.

It feels pretty impactful seeing three jugs bigger than a person lined up like this.

“Well then.
Let’s add the purification function.”

I say as I start preparing, and Roa walks over to me.

“Oh, Roa.
Thanks for getting these! Looks like you’ve managed to get your hands on a couple of nice water jugs.
It must’ve been tough getting them all the way here.”

“No problem.”

Says Roa, with few words as always.
I still can’t see the expression on her face, but she doesn’t sound upset.

“You got this here quickly, and without a scratch on them.
Did you have problems with anything other than that?”

I say, but then again, they can probably sidestep most trouble with the power in their eyes.

“The air in the capital was tense.
Some commodities and consumable goods are becoming expensive.”

Says Roa, properly for once.

“Hou… I wonder if something happened.
And what about Kalin?”

“Obviously we reported this to Lady Kalin.”

If Kalin knows about it, then it’s fine.
There’s no point in looking into it any further.
I’m wondering if deliveries of transmuted products from the alchemist association are starting to get delayed, and that’s having an impact on the prices of goods…

“All right, everything is ready.
Roa, step back a little.”

I say to Roa while activating scrolls.

This will be a simple transmutation.

“《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》, 《Activate》.”

The scrolls open in mid-air.


The first scroll creates a mini tornado.
This time I set the density of the diamond dust to maximum.
Diamond dust this dense can actually be lethal.

I carefully throw some magic stones into it, and they are ground to dust.

After confirming that they were turned into powder, I set the density to zero.
All that’s left inside the mini tornado is this powder.

I take a bottle of perfectly pure water I prepared earlier and place it under the tornado.
I slowly erase the mini tornado, and the magic stone powder starts sprinkling on the surface of the perfectly pure water.

The magic energy retaining the complete purity of the water is released, and the perfectly pure water is back under the laws of physics.
It begins to increase its entropy, which was brought down to zero, and melts the closest thing, the magic stone powder.

It takes only seconds for the powder to be completely dissolved.

“The solution to write the magic circuit is done.”

“It’s still incredible…”

Says Roa from behind.
Her eyes are fixated on the floating scrolls.

It’s pretty rare to hear her talk like this.
I peek behind, and she immediately turns away.

Oh well, let’s continue.
Next I activate two scrolls I use all the time, 《Transcribe》 and 《Release》, and one I don’t use that often.
And I also take out a book.

“《Release》 the constraints of gravity, 《Target》 magic circuit solution.
《Transcribe》, 《Project》.”

The solution used to write magic circuits floats in the air.
I place my right hand over the book I’m holding with my left.
The book itself is a magic item.

“《Index Search》.
《Implement》 water purification circuit.”

The book opens and starts turning its pages by itself before stopping close to the middle.

I check to see if it’s the right circuit, and use the 《Transcribe》 scroll to transcribe the water purification circuit.

I take the magic circuit with the water purification circuit transcribed on it and use the 《Project》 scroll to project it into the new water jug.
The solution still floating in the air goes into the 《Project》 scroll.

The solution is sprayed onto the water jug in the shape of the projected magic circuit.
This solution sticks to the water jug, and I use the last scroll, 《Fixate》, to make the solution of powdered magic stone a permanent part of the water jug.

“All right.
All that’s left is to stick the magic crystal that will power it and it’s done.”

I use 《Fixate》 again on a magic crystal I previously prepared, and it becomes part of the water jug too.

I then do the same to the second water jug.

“Now we can use all the water we want…”

Says a happy sounding Roa.”

“No no, I’m only just beginning.”


Says Roa.

“Eh? In its current state it just serves to hold water.”

Roa silently nods.

“I’m going to make another magic item that makes it so we don’t have to bring water.”

“Y-you can do that!?”

Says Roa while getting closer.
She’s never looked so interested.

But it’s kind of scary to see a one-eyed hood getting so close.

Scroll list (so far).

《Manifest》 《Return》 – Summons and returns transmuted beasts.
Hipopo, Rose.

《Transcribe》 – Copies words and images.
《Begin Transcription》 and 《Display》 shows a body’s condition on a scroll.

《Release》 the constraints of gravity, 《Target》 (…) – Manipulates the gravity of its target.

《Fixate》 – Fixates the target’s current condition.

《Polish》 – Generates a tornado with diamond dust inside it.

《Project》 – Projects images and sprays liquid.

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