Chapter 313 – In the courtyard!

We reach the courtyard of the church of Araysla in the capital, and I fully manifest Aroma Vine on the ground here.

Aroma Vine places the enemy wrapped in its vines on the ground.
Next, it spreads its roots around, and above them creates an enclosure around the enemy with its vines the size of a shed.

“Sister Reese, please place this cloth around Aroma Vine to hide it.”

I take from my backpack the same cloth I always use when I’m using Aroma Vine to create accommodations.

“Uwa, it all happened so fast.
And this is so fancy Master Rust.
It feels wasteful to use it to make a cage.”

Says Sister Reese, and I look again at what’s in front of me.
Aroma Vine’s delicately woven vines really are orderly and beautiful.

Well, that’s down to the difference in character between Rose and Aroma Vine.

I smile as Aroma Vine seems happy about being complimented, and manifest Hipopo.

“Actor Kahelone! I will be going to the royal castle.
Will you stay here?”

I think about the power of the bound enemy, and the dangers that come with bringing Kahelone along.
I also consider the fact that Kahelone’s divine protection is restricted to certain places, but don’t actually believe she will say yes.

“Very well.”

“Thank you.
Please take care of her.
Aroma Vine, follow Actor Kahelone’s instructions.”

I’m surprised and relieved that Kahelone accepted my proposal.

“Fufu, so even you can look so surprised, Rust.
No need to thank me, I just don’t want to get in your way.
And I’m sure you’re worried about the church being attacked again.
It makes perfect sense for me to stay back.”

“Thank you, but did I really show all that in my face? No, I guess that’s what happens when there are so many belligerent people always around someone…”

I make excuses while touching my face, and get on top of Hipopo.

“Take care, Rust.”

Says Kahelone while looking up at me.

“Yes, you too Kahelone.”

I give Hipopo the signal, and we run at full speed towards the royal castle.


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