Chapter 316 – Giant ladybug

“This looks like another opponent worth cutting!”

Yells Kalin happily as she runs off with light steps and her dear jet black meteorite sword on her back.
Roa is right behind her.

Ahri on the other hand is running my way.

“Master Rust, how about you move from there right away?”

Her eyes feel cold for some reason, and I quickly back away from the woman I’m shielding, who is still on the ground.

“No, I need to protect her against the rubble so…”

“I will take care of her.
How about you go help Lady Kalin, Master Rust?”

“Yes… Ah, here’s a potion.”

Ahri takes the potion and puts it in her pocket, and carefully picks up the woman before running to where Princess Lily is waiting.

In the meantime, Kalin and Roa are fighting the giant ladybug.

Kalin looks very excited as she swings her sword around, but it looks like the giant ladybug has a very hard exoskeleton.
Kalin and Roa’s attacks send it flying multiple times, but the giant ladybug doesn’t suffer a lot of damage.

“Nice nice! Something this tough is what’s worthy of swinging this sword!”

Kalin is still enjoying herself.
Roa is not far behind her, attacking by stretching her spear, or to be more precise, assisting Kalin.
She’s creating enough distance for Kalin, who is lacking weight due to not wearing her armor, to be able to run and attack.

But then, after Roa yet again pushes back the giant ladybug with her transmuted beast spear, the giant ladybug spreads its large wings to threaten Kalin as she runs at it.

A prickling sensation runs through the air.

“Watch out!”

I yell, as I feel the purifying light intensifying.

Purifying light gathers in the seven white spots of the giant ladybug.
Round shaped purifying light is then fired intermittently at Kalin, like purifying light bullets.

“You can do that!? Haha! Using projectiles is so dull, miss ladybug!”

Kalin laughs as she spins and doges one of the purifying light bullets.

She probably feels on an instinctual level that she shouldn’t touch them.
She doesn’t even deflect them with her sword, she dodges one after the other by changing her trajectory.

Now that I think about it, Kalin used to dodge bullets from magic guns.

I get nostalgic as I see this scene unfold, but activate scrolls to really start helping Kalin.


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