Chapter 328 – Light and traces!!

“Master Rust, light.”

Roa asks after we’ve dealt with the enemies around us for the time being.

I take out additional 《Project》 scrolls to use as light sources and activate them.

The scrolls unravel, and illuminate the wall brightly.

Now I can see Roa with her hands to the wall, and looking closely at a vertical mark carved into it.

“There’s no doubt about it.
My sister’s spear made this.
It direct… No, there’s a shining blue fluid on it.
The wall was carved by the spear as it pierced an enemy.
Yes, my sister slowed her fall here.”

Roa seems relieved.

“You can tell all that?”

“The markings don’t all have the same depth.”

I see.

I’m impressed, and Roa keeps going.

“Thanks for the light.
Let’s go.”

“Yes, let’s.”

I respond to Roa, who apparently has checked everything she wanted to check, and have Rose accelerate the descent of its Spiral Staircase.
I have the 《Project》 scrolls illuminating the wall go to the others to illuminate the whole shaft.

I figure we should have more light to look for enemies, since we’re going down faster.

I didn’t want to activate a lot of scrolls because I figured the light would attract enemies, but if that many enemies are coming anyway, we might as well have enough light.
Still, the way the enemies are appearing makes me think something is commanding them.

And then, I see the bottom of the pit.

Roa jumps down to the vines at the bottom, thrusts her spear, and checks the reflection on its tip to see what’s ahead.

I walk slowly on the Spiral Staircase, and call out to her.

“Roa, how are your eyes?”

“…Don’t worry.
It’s just a precaution.”

She responds without looking at me, and continues.

“There aren’t any enemies.
Let’s go, Master Rust.”

“…All right.
Rose, advance.”

I’m worried about Roa, because she might still be feeling the effects of overstimulating her eyes back on the surface.
But she says she’s fine, so I’ll believe her.

Eventually, Rose’s Spiral Staircase brings us to an opening.
It’s wider than the pit we followed down, but it’s still slanted at an angle in a big way.

I send the 《Project》 scrolls to several spots, and check our surroundings as we follow the incline.

“Master Rust, my sister made that mark.”

Roa steps forward and points, and Rose quickly moves the Spiral staircase there.

It’s a faint mark on the floor of this steep slope, found by Roa again.

“She probably fell through here.”

Even if she managed to slow down, falling from that height would’ve caused damage.
And then this steep slope… It must have hurt…”

“My sister is strong.”

Says Roa as she tightens her mouth.

“Yes, Ahri is strong.
But let’s find her as soon as… I don’t think they’ll let us.”

A lot of pale light is beaming from the top and bottom of this passage.

“…No, we’ll finish them quickly!”

“…! Rose!”

Roa denies my uncertainty as she leaps down with spear in hand.

I quickly ask Rose to follow her and provide her with footing, and activate scrolls to deal with the enemies coming from above.


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