Chapter 336 – Side Ahri – Part fifteen

“This is completely unexpected…”

I take off the monocle magic item, and whisper as I look at it.

It’s quite shocking, even to me, that I lost my future sight magic eye.
This power that I never asked for was not quite as bad as Roa’s, but it still troubled me a lot all this time.

The anguish and pain outweighed the usefulness of being able to see a glimpse of a possible future during battle.

I have seen my own failures and possible deaths countless times during battle.

My magic eye has shown me dying in many different ways, ranging from silly deaths like slipping and breaking my neck, to seeing monsters eat me alive.
I have also seen myself committing suicide by brutal means after unending suffering.

But Master Rust’s magic item has allowed me to control what I see, including those types of possible futures.

It made it so I was able to consciously block those awful possible futures that I was forcibly shown.

And then I finally realized something.

My fear of seeing those futures, and my aversion of my magic eye, were holding me back.

Master Rust’s magic item didn’t just allow me to control my magic eye.
It changed it further, and it was showing signs of improving as an ability,

Thinking back, the visions of the future I saw when Rihalzam visited the camp were probably due to the magic item beginning to change my magic eye.

I don’t know how long I have been standing here thinking about this, but my attention is brought back when I hear my name being called, and I immediately turn around.


“Big sister!”

“Master Rust? Roa…”

I see Master Rust and Roa running towards me.

I spread my arms, and Roa runs into them.
We both hug each other tightly.

Master Rust is standing a few steps back, with a smile on his face.

“You two came after me?”

“I’m so glad you’re all right…! Big sister, your eye…”

Roa pulls back just a little and looks at my face.
Her mouth starts flapping, like she’s at a loss for words.

“Yes, it seems like I lost my future sight magic eye.”

I whisper to Roa.


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