Chapter 338 – Side Roa – Part two

“…I couldn’t move, but I saw that rather than come near to finish me, the thing she called ant man waited for more ants.
That was when I figured that it might not be able to move.”

She was seriously wounded while she fought against that humanoid ant thing, but still stayed cool-headed and understood the situation.
She’s talking about that wonderful deduction like it’s no big deal.

My sister is so wonderful.
As a fighter, I have nothing but respect for her.
Her humility too is just wonderful.

I sneakily hear what she says, and my breathing gets heavier as I feel proud like it’s me she’s talking about.

“Well… There’s a good chance that your future sight power was taken because you were attacked by purifying light… I guess it’s not just physical things that can get retrieved into Zwei’s world.
Taula said she lost her oracle power too.
Hm… And in your case in particular, did they somehow make it so your power didn’t work to make it harder for you to notice that it was being taken…?”

While I bask in that pleasant feeling, I can hear Master Rust whispering something with a serious tone.

“I did feel my power being restricted when I was surrounded by enemies clad in that purifying light.
Did you feel the same, Roa?”

Asks my sister.
I’m kind of happy about her turning to me, but I can’t show that, considering the topic we’re discussing, and respond while staying cool.


“Is that true? Then…”

Says Master Rust, as he looks at me and nods slightly.
I think he’s doing me the favor of avoiding talking about how I forcibly released the full power of my magic eyes back on the surface.

Thank you Master Rust.
My sister would be angry if she knew about that.

I breathe a sigh of relief, but that doesn’t last long.
I can see her sharp eyes are observing the way Master Rust and I are looking at each other.

I’m trembling with fear.
We’re probably going to be backing up Lady Kalin as she charges into the castle, but I’m sure my sister won’t forget this even as we get busy doing that.

And I’m not at all confident that I can keep this from her if she stays cool and keeps asking me about it.

Master Rust and Ahri continue talking, as I try to hide the tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.

“Then it could be possible that the enemy was deliberately targeting me to take the power of my magic eye.”

“Their behavior leads me to believe that’s the case.
But then, Roa’s magic eyes…”

It could be.”

Half my attention is on what’s in my head, and I’m keeping an eye on our surroundings too, so I don’t hear everything they say.

But I do feel their eyes on me, and when I turn to them, I see they’re looking at me with concern.

I puff out my chest, put a hand on my waist, and tap the transmuted beast spear on the ground as I smile at them.

See? I’m keeping watch.
Nice, right?

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