Chapter 349 – King Kalzart

“Is that…!? I see, so there’s a box here… Is that what the reincarnated people are after?”

I blurt out without thinking.

Ahri seems surprised to see that box too.

“So you call this box? I see being the one who controls a dragon means you are already familiar with this.”

“I have seen it a few times.
But where are we, your majesty?”

“This is the heart of the castle.
It has been passed down through generations of kings that this castle was built to protect this dark case, what you call box.
But there is only one exit, so it is not a suitable place to take refuge.”

“Are you sure it was a good idea to bring someone like me to such a place?”

In fact, I should have brought the one who controls a dragon here, and told you about the dark case sooner, Master Rust…”

Princess Lily then hangs her hand, and King Kalzart gives her a meaningful look.

Hn? Did the king actually know that Princess Lily had been taken over by the Third Seat of Immorality? And he refrained from contacting me because of it? No… If he was certain of that, he would have taken measures even if he was dealing with a demon.
Maybe he felt something was wrong and tried to be prudent.

I can tell this is a delicate subject, so I make my guesses in my head but leave it at that.

But I think he realizes what I’m thinking by where I’m looking.

“I am very grateful for what you did, Master Rust, as a father.
Thank you very much for bringing back my daughter.”

“Eh, no, hum…”

I don’t know how to respond.
I don’t even know how much the king knows.
But I still manage to squeeze out a safe answer.

“It was a natural thing to do, as a vassal of the Kingdom of Kalzart and a subordinate of the knight Kalin of the Admiral dominion.”

“I see, natural.
Yes, I understand.
I believe I would like to think about your work again at a later date.”

“I am humbled to hear that.”

“Yes, then on to the main topic.
You are one who controls a dragon, and as per the ancient oath, I, the King of Kalzart, bestow upon you the dark case and what lies inside it.
Take it.”

He says while pointing to the dark cube floating behind him.

I step forward, and Zwei’s words cross through my mind.
But we are already fighting against the reincarnated people, who are working under Zwei, so I figure it’s too late to care about what Zwei said.

I stand in front of the box, and slowly reach out towards it.


I hear a scream.

It’s Ahri.

I turn around, and see Ahri crouching while holding her hand.

There’s a big cut from the palm of her hand all the way to her arm, and it won’t stop bleeding.


“Master Rust! Watch out!”

I yell Ahri’s name, and she yells mine back for some reason.

Ahri’s spear has fallen near her feet.
I see its shadow wriggling, and the next moment, it suddenly expands and comes my way.

It’s turning into a humanoid shape.
After a few steps the shadow gains color and mass, and it becomes visibly human after two more steps.

It’s right in front of me, the last of the reincarnated people.
Gahn, the vice-president of the arms association.

He has Ahri’s spear in his hand, and lunges it at me to pierce me with it.


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