Chapter 370 – Limit!

Seilook touches the black string almost like it’s kissing it, with bright white light on its mouth.

The mini undead dragon that’s now in its little girl form is standing with its arms crossed on Seilook’s head, but then it goes down to one knee.

It hangs its head with a more serious expression than I could have imagined, considering how it usually behaves.
It kind of looks like the undead dragon is praying.

I’ve seen this pose a lot.
It looks a lot like when Taula and actor Kahelone pray.

What’s the meaning of this? Isn’t that a prayer to Araysla… Why?

While I struggle with this question, a sudden change occurs.

The white light covering the two dragons shifts to the black string like it’s being sucked by it, and overflows from the gaps between the wound up string.

And then, it just starts moving on its own.

It’s like invisible hands are knitting it on an invisible loom.

The black string moves on its own and weaves some sort of shape.

“Is that… Cloth?”

Whispers Shellrule, who looks baffled.

But not just any cloth.
I think that’s a cloak?”

I respond while remembering Queen Lily’s coronation ceremony.

And then, the light suddenly fades and the string stops moving, even though only half the string has been used, and the cloak being knitted clearly isn’t finished.


I hear Shellrule’s voice, almost like she’s asking why it stopped.
I look at the two dragons, echoing her sentiment.

“I am at my limit…”

The undead dragon looks exhausted on top of Seilook’s head.

“…Are you saying you need more arm meatW to continue?”

I ask cautiously, but also feeling resigned.

“That does sound very appealing, but it cannot be the contractor’s meat.”

Says the undead dragon, still looking tired, but also drooling.
Its gluttony is clearly leaking.

“So another person then? No! I won’t allow that!”

I respond while peeking towards Shellrule.

“Human meat is iffy.
But if there was meat from the Weakest Seventh Seat…”

It sounds like even talking is tiresome for the undead dragon.

“Weakest Seventh Seat? The demon said to be at the edge of the skies?”

“That is the one, Shellrule.
The boss of the one who killed me.
With meat from it, I could make a full recovery.”

I think back to that bee enemy.

“Is your condition the result of poison or some curse? Back when I looked up your status with a 《Transcribe》 scroll, it didn’t show me anything like that…”

“A-alchemy won’t work.
I am undead, and this is in the realm of the primordial magic 《Feelings》…”

The undead dragon seems to still be losing its strength.
It can’t finish that sentence before its little girl form is undone and it goes back to looking like a bone dragon.

“Is it asleep?”

Shellrule looks at the undead dragon while gently picking it up from Seilook’s head.

Primordial magic 《Feelings》? It sounds like something that encompasses all emotions or something.
It sounds similar to curses, which uses negative emotions as fuel.
And it said it will feel better if it eats meat from the boss of the one who hurt it…

I sigh, and put away the black string, including what is already knit.

“Master Rust, are you going after the Weakest Seventh Seat?”

Shellrule asks, sounding concerned.

“Well, first I’m going to talk to Kalin about this.
But I might have to entrust the Kagero Institute to you for a while longer.”

“You can leave it to me.”

I’m counting on you.”

Shellrule taps her chest with her fist, with a big smile on her face, and although I’m kind of embarrassed, I smile back.

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