Chapter 382 – Purifying light removal!

My gloved right hand is burned by the purifying light.

This is a special glove with the 《Purify》 effect attached.
It would hold firm against most things, but the purifying light is treating it like it’s just simple cloth.

It doesn’t take long for the purifying light to start digging into my hand.
The pain is slowly getting stronger, but for some reason, it feels somewhat nostalgic.

“…! Master Rust! Your hand!”

Ahri turns my way, and at first she’s speechless, but then she sounds panicked.
She keeps flapping her hands like she has no idea what to do.

It’s rare to see Ahri so flustered.
Part of me feels that way, but I really don’t have the time to respond.

I don’t have a lot of time, period.
I need to do something about this purifying light… Judging by its behavior, including from before we took off, it seems this purifying light has the characteristics of fire.

I look at my burning right hand.

But its properties should be the same.
A combination of curses and magic elements.
I should be able to tamper with it!

The glove is completely burned by now, and the pain gets stronger all of a sudden, but I activate curses.

Black curses come out of my hand and mix with the pale light.
For a moment, the purifying light burning my hand is stained by the black curses and stops, but the black curses are soon swallowed by the purifying light.

“Ah! Ah…”

Ahri’s happy sounding voice quickly turns to disappointment.

They got swallowed, but not right away.
This might work.

“Rose, that one.”

Rose quickly moves its remaining vines to take something from my backpack.
It’s right on the target, despite my vague instructions.

“Spread it!”

It’s a black cloth.
The very same one weaved by the undead dragon with primordial magic, using the curses I transmuted.

Rose does as I say, and spreads it.

I see that it’s spread, and activate curses from my right hand.
This time I do it like I’m pushing them in a specific direction.
The hand of the Weakest Seventh Seat, the bone knife, and all the purifying light covering them all gather in one side for just a moment.

And then, I slide it all like I’m rubbing it against the black cloth.

It feels strange.
It’s like something elastic and sticky that I couldn’t get away from me all of sudden lost its stickiness and is being cut away by a knife.

Before I know it, all the purifying light is filtered into the cloth.
It almost feels too simple.


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