Chapter 390 – Lapse of memory!!

“I have returned!”

Happily yells the undead dragon, after devouring the meat of the right arm of the Weakest Seventh Seat while still asleep, and turning back into a humanoid form with a puffing noise.

And just as before, the undead dragon is about the size of a human child.

I rushed over here immediately after making my safe return with Ahri.


“Thank goodness.”


Shellrule, Taula, and Kalin are here too.
They also lined-up and cheered when Ahri and I returned to Putaresque.

“Well then… What was I doing?”

The undead dragon asks with a head tilt.

People around me start getting noisy.

“Well, if I could ask you to continue this…”

I figure I should be the one to move this conversation forward, so I take out the black curse cloth and the rest of the black string rolled in scrolls.

“Oh! That, that.
Dear me, who are you?”

The people making noise around us suddenly stop.

I’m sure everyone can sense this isn’t normal, and a heavy silence falls.

But the undead dragon doesn’t seem to care, and calls Seilook before starting to climb its neck.

Maybe it’s because she’s bigger, but the undead dragon starts flapping her legs and has a hard time climbing.

Shellrule can’t stand to watch, and lifts the undead dragon from under the arms and places her on Seilook’s neck.

The undead dragon looks happy about that, as she straddles Seilook’s neck and makes a pose that again, looks like a prayer.

Magic elements start rustling, and then the black string begins to wriggle, before being woven into the black curse cloth.

“…Rust, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know.
It looks like a memory defect of some sort.”

Kalin whispers in my ear, and the others also get close to hear the silent conversation between me and Kalin.

“Memory defect? But is it temporary? Or…”

“It would be a problem if it lasted a long time.
It looks like the undead dragon is making the black curse cloth for me anyway, so I guess some memories are still in there.

There’s a lot I want to ask about Zwei and stuff like that, but I think we’d be safer if we checked these things cautiously.”

“You think the undead dragon might get violent if you misstep?”

“I don’t know.
Dragons are full of mysteries.”

“Well, if you want to be careful, you’ll hear no argument from me.
But do you know what might have caused that memory defect?”

“Who knows? The Weakest Seventh Seat’s meat? A side effect from forcibly taking humanoid form before? I’m pretty sure the undead dragon is over a thousand years old too, so…”

The undead dragon still looks like she’s praying, but then she uses one hand to point this way.

“Hey! Unchan is young and full of energy!”

I guess the undead dragon can hear us.

“Ah, all right.

I apologize on behalf of everyone.

“Yes yes.
As long as you understand…”

The undead dragon seems happy enough with that, before once again taking that prayer position and continuing to knit the black curse cloth.

We all look at each other, and silently watch the undead dragon work.


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