Chapter 391 – Completion and the sixth points

“All done.”

Yells the undead dragon while doing a big stretch.

All that black string is gone, leaving empty scrolls hovering and black curse cloth.
It was shaped into a cloak, just as I thought.

It’s even longer than the one Queen Lily wore during her coronation ceremony, and it’s clear as day that no matter who wears it, it’s going to end up dragging.
The edges are even overlapping because the room is too small for it.

“Ahh… My shoulders are sore.”

“Good job Unchan.
I’ll rub them for you.”

Says Shellrule while grabbing the undead dragon and helping her get down from Seilook’s neck.

“Ooh, how thoughtful this lady is.
What is your name?”

“Shellrule, Unchan.”

“I see I see.
Oou… There, there.”

“Yes, they feel very stiff.
It must have been tough staying in the same position all this time.”

You are pretty good.
Ou… Perfect.”

I’ve been practicing because I figured it would come in handy with people working past their limit.”

Shellrule and the undead dragon talk in a corner of the room.

Now that Unchan is off its neck, Seilook grabs the cloak with its mouth, slowly lifts it, and places it over my shoulders.

And strangely enough, the cloak starts shrinking.


The audience is impressed too.

The cloak doesn’t take long to shrink itself so it’s the perfect length for my height, and then half-transparent plates appear in front of me and Seilook.

『 Contractor Rust Struna Hartnicks acquired item outside the system.
Checking requirements for quest 『Blessings to those who go beyond logic』.




Quest 『Blessings to those who go beyond logic』 complete.
Awarding points.

World quest: Seven spokes supporting the wheel of fate.

Completed 5/7 Failed 1

The ancient will lying dormant in the sky.

Contractor’s ×%℃¥

Contractor’s devotion

Wisdom of dungeons

Blessings to those who go beyond logic – NEW!


Managed darkness.

Ruler of old blood – Failed

World announcement.

To one existing player, announcing the completion of the quest 『Blessings to those who go beyond logic』.


…Confirming access from outside the system.

Approved acquisition of information.

…Providing information to Zwei Homunculus, the one who became god.』

It sounds like information about how I got points is being transmitted to Zwei.


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