Chapter 393 – Selfish!!

Taula looks like she wants to say something, but doesn’t.
She’s holding her lips tight and gripping her sword while facing down.

Next to her, Ahri is hiding her injured hand with her other hand.
She doesn’t say anything either, and just looks on with a serious expression on her face.
Her eyes are unobstructed by cloth or the monocle magic item, and they feel to me like a quiet breeze as they face me.

Roa looks at her sister, and then turns to glare at me while puffing her cheeks, before moving close to Ahri.
Then she reaches out and holds Ahri’s right hand.

Shellrule is holding her mouth, and looks around like she’s flustered.

Kalin scratches her hair, lets out a big sight, and slaps me on the head.

Kalin, stop that alrea…”



“It’s you.
You know that, right?”

I avert my eyes.

“We don’t understand Zwei’s attacks, and even this black curse cloth’s features are still mostly a mystery.
It’s best to go alone so I can adapt to any situation.”

I argue back.

“Hm… Do you not want to see them hurt that badly?”

“Yes, I don’t.”

I look back at Kalin while I say that.

Kalin’s tone is harsh, but behind that, I can see her grinning.


“Oh all right.
As your superior, I’ll let you be selfish this time.”

Kalin says, while looking exasperated.

“And that means Ahri, Roa, and Shellrule are staying too.
That’s nice.”

Kalin gives instructions to her subordinates with a sort of satisfied look on her face.

Then she turns over to Taula.

“That means your sword also won’t be needed this time, Taula.”


Taula responds like she feels there’s no use in arguing.

It seems like Ahri wants to say something too, but she gets a puzzled look on her face.

“Roa? What’s wrong?”


Everyone’s eyes focus on Roa, who has her mouth open.


The door to Seilook’s place opens, and Zwei comes in.


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