Chapter 394 – Emergency mode!

“Splendid splendid.
Truly wonderful.
Everyone I have business with is gathered here.
I was right to put a link on that dog of Araysla.”

Zwei walks casually towards us while calling Taula a dog.

How did it get here so fast!? No, that’s not important right now!

I try to stifle my panic, crouch, and put my hand on the floor, which is made of Eve’s bamboo.

I call out to Eve from this position.

“Activate 『Backdoor』.
Eve 『Emergency Mode』! 『Priority』, evacuate everyone except me.

I say it all in one breath, and it takes effect immediately.

Kalin, Ahri, and Taula are all facing Zwei with their respective weapons in hand, and Roa goes around me and puts herself in front of me to protect me.

But then, bamboo starts growing incredibly fast around all of them.

Each individual tube is just thick and big enough for a person to fit snugly inside.
And right after the tubes envelop all of them, they withdraw back to the floor.

Even Zwei, who has its hand raised, ready to snap its fingers, looks surprised.

I made it in time! Now Eve should evacuate everyone to the edge of the town by extending its rhizome.

And at the same time, the same thing happens to most of the townspeople here.

There are also people outside Eve’s buildings, but the bamboo shoot army should be dealing with them individually.

However, this is all Eve’s work, and this doesn’t happen for free.

Above all else, this Emergency Mode spends a very large amount of magic elements.

Eve sucks up magic elements flowing in the soil to maintain its buildings, and because of what just happened, it can’t maintain them anymore.

That includes Seilook’s place, where we currently are.
The ceiling and the walls are already crumbling.

“Seilook! Fire your breath towards the sky and fly away with the undead dragon!”

Seilook is still here, probably because the emergency evacuation only targets people.

There’s also the fact that Eve doesn’t have the leeway with magic elements to evacuate a being that size.

In any case, Seilook is still here, and it follows my instructions and fires a dragon breath above.

The falling ceiling is blown away without a trace, but Seilook shows no signs of trying to escape.

Instead, it gathers magic elements in its mouth again, like it’s going for another dragon breath.

Except this time, it’s aiming at Zwei.

“Good grief, and they were all here too.
Rust Struna Hartnicks, you did something quite annoying.”

It doesn’t look like Zwei cares that Seilook is about to fire a dragon breath at any moment.

It raises both hands, and uses both at the same time to snap its fingers.

I brace myself, thinking that repulsive field attack is coming again, but these finger snaps cause a whole different phenomenon.

A hole opens in the air near Zwei.

Both its size and appearance reminds me of the one in the cave of the Third Seat of Immorality, that connected to that world where Zwei was.

Zwei puts its hand inside this hole, and rummages around like it’s looking for something.

And that’s when Seilook’s fire breath reaches Zwei.


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