And Taula comes rolling out from the inside.

Zwei snaps its fingers again, and Taula is pressed to the ground just like Seilook.
It also looks like she can’t speak.

“How, Struna Hartnicks? Simple.
I connect space like this, and putting that link means I can reach very easily.”

Zwei says as it points to the hole in the air it made.

Is this power also the reason why Zwei suddenly appeared? This isn’t good.
And it also said it made it so it knows where they are.
The execution feels similar to curses, but the fact that said link can’t be detected is a big problem.

“Now now, Struna Hartnicks.
Do you want me to release that dog of Araysla and the hero prospect?”

Zwei is negotiating for some reason.

“Are you sure you want to negotiate with me? I went against your second warning.”

“This is no negotiation, Struna Hartnicks.
This is a threat.”

That face made of pale light distorts, as Zwei points at Taula.

“She is important, right? That dog of Araysla? You came to my bottle world just to save her, after all.”

I hesitate for a second to activate the scrolls I sneakily prepared.

And then, what remains of a bamboo wall breaks down, and a black shadow flies in.

It’s Kalin, covered in armor and holding her big meteoric iron sword.

Kalin! She used that strength of hers to break free from Eve’s bamboo!?


Kalin keeps going and screams as she cuts at Zwei.


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