Kalin hits the floor with a cracking sound, and half of her body is buried.

“Buah! That’s nothing!”

Kalin sounds full of vigor, as she pulls herself from the floor and steps forward.

The leg she uses to step forward also gets buried in the floor with a cracking sound.

But that’s not enough to stop her, as she takes another step.

She keeps walking forward and towards Zwei as her feet dig into the floor and she leaves a crater with each step.

“This is good… I like this.
I can really swing my sword with this much weight!!!”

Says Kalin while swinging her sword around.

“Uwa, you annoying woman.”

Zwei puts the palms of its hands together and slowly pulls them apart.

A blade of purifying light appears as it does this.
It’s the halberd.

Zwei then swings the halberd from a slightly low angle upwards.

“Nice nice.
Let’s go at it.”

Kalin swings her own big sword down to try to smack Zwei’s halberd from above.

But then, Zwei smacks its lips.


By the time I realize it, it’s already too late.
The weight of gravity put on Kalin is released, undone by Zwei’s lip smacking.

Kalin’s sword and Zwei’s halberd clash in that state, and of course, the resulting momentum all falls on Kalin since she has her usual weight.

Kalin is sent flying diagonally upwards with incredible force.

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