Chapter 59 – Let’s report, contact, and consult!!

“And that’s basically it.”

I report to Kalin about the white dragon.

“A dragon… They’re mostly creatures of legend.
If it really is a dragon, it will be the first time in centuries that someone has seen one.”

Kalin says with a surprised tone.

“Yes, but I’m still not certain.
I felt it was pretty intelligent even back when I saved it, so it could very well be a dragon.”

But we can’t say for sure that it’s intelligent just because it rejected your grass brick after smelling it.”

“That’s just an example.
Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone hates those portable rations so much.
But anyway, I’m going to start investigating just how intelligent it is in more detail.”

I say with an awkward smile.

“And I’m sure you’ve already decided what you want to do.”

I thought about releasing it, but if it really is a dragon, I should be able to form a contract.”

“That’s also something from hundreds of years ago.
It’s like a fairy-tale.”

Says Kalin with an exasperated expression.

“Fairy-tales and folk tales have a bit of truth in them.
At least that’s what I believe.
I’ll make sure to take every necessary precaution before doing anything.”

“All right.
You have my permission.”

“Thank you! I knew you’d…”


Kalin says while pointing at me.

“I want to be there too.
Don’t forget to call me.”

…Are you just saying that because you think it will be interesting to see?”


Kalin says while laughing loudly.

Well… She always did like this sort of thing.

I leave Kalin’s tent and start thinking about making preparations.


“So why are Roa and Ahri here again?”

I contacted Kalin to say everything was ready, and she showed up with Ahri and Roa behind her.


Says Roa.

Her eyes are sharply focused on the white dragon, and her hand is placed on her spear and twitching.

Now that I think about it, she hated it from the moment she saw it.
Does she just hate lizards?

“Roa, stop.
There shouldn’t be a problem.
I’m sorry Master Rust.”

Apologizes Ahri.

I wave at her as a way of saying it’s all right.
I don’t see the shine of magic elements in her eye behind the monocle.
It looks like her future sight isn’t activating.
I’m relieved, since this means it’s not likely that there will be a fight with the white dragon.

But Roa and Ahri, please stay behind Hipopo.”

I say while pointing to Hipopo, who is sitting down with its legs folded.
Even after putting everything away, this tent is still kind of cramped for Hipopo.

“Hn? Just the two of them? Not me?”

Says Kalin while grinning.

“I believe you are the toughest one here.”

I say while bowing.

“I guess I am.”

She says while laughing.

Ahri and Roa look a bit puzzled as they see us joking around.

“So, Master Rust.
How exactly do you form a contract? With alchemy?”

Asks Ahri as Kalin and I stop talking.

“No, if this really is a dragon, half-hearted alchemy would just bounce off, but anything stronger would probably hurt.”

“So… How are you going to do it?”

Asked Ahri, looking puzzled.

“How much do you know about primordial magic?”

“Not much.
Pretty much just that it uses blood related to life as an intermediary.”

“I don’t know a lot about it either, but I actually had a senior that researched it.”

I say while raising a scroll with a paper from the basic research department transcribed to it.

“The more I look into it, the more I see that all the old stories from hundreds of years ago about humans and dragons involved people who could use primordial magic.
After all, primordial magic itself is dragon…”


Kalin cuts in.

“That’s enough, Rust.
And you’re at fault too Ahri, for bringing it up.
If you don’t stop him he’s just going to go on and on.”

“I-I see.
No, I mean, it sounded very interesting.”

Says Ahri while peeking at me.

I shrug and turn to Rose.

“Let’s begin, Rose.”

Rose covers the entrance and the walls with vines.

After checking to see it’s all covered, I slowly approach the white dragon’s cage.

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