Chapter 70 – Let’s accept a new job!!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started helping with the road work.
I’ve been going there every day, but the work my transmuted beasts were doing is finally done.

Someone just told me Kalin says she has another job for me, so I’m heading to her tent for the first time in a while.

“Excuse me…”

As soon as I enter the tent I feel the heavy atmosphere inside.
It reminds me of when I was still in the alchemist association and they would send me to help departments that were approaching their deadlines for when things had to be shipped.

I unconsciously go back to the entrance and try to return to my own tent, when a hand grabs my arm from the side.

“Good timing Rust…”

It’s Kalin.
She always looks tough and energetic, but today I see shadows under her eyes, and she looks kind of rattled.

“Lady… Kalin? You said something about a new job, right?”

“Ah, yes.
But help me with this first.”

Kalin then uses her freakish strength to drag me in front of a pile of documents.

The whole tent is lit evenly, but I still feel like there’s a shadow looming over this spot in particular.

It’s no wonder.
Kalin’s subordinates that I usually see in her tent doing office work are on the other side, and they look pale.


I almost let out a screech, but hide it by clearing my throat.

What documents are these?”

I ask while thinking to myself if this is why she wants my help.

“These are people applying to move here.”

“Ah… So you’re getting popular? Isn’t that good?”

“But it’s too much, and it’s increasing so quickly.
Rust, please deal with that pile.”

She says while sitting heavily on a chair, before starting to work on the documents with a frown.

I take the pile she pointed to and move.

“Is there anything I can use as a reference?”

I ask, and one of the pale looking secretaries lends me some documents.
I take them and start working by sorting these documents and picking ones that take precedence over the rest.

“Hou! Hm…”

I continue moving my pen without paying attention to anything else.

It’s pretty simple work, and before I know it, the pile Kalin gave me is done.

“Kalin? Kalin!”

I try to report that I’m done, but get no answer.
I can’t even see her.

I get up, and find her in the center of the tent near the communications devices, fast asleep with her head resting on a table.

“Kalin, you really shouldn’t sleep there…”

I say while shaking her shoulder.

“Ah, excuse me.”

She says while getting up, sounding very drowsy.

“What did you want to ask me to do anyway?”

“Ah, I forgot.
As you can see, we’re getting too many requests from people that want to move here, so this camp will be feeling very cramped before long.
Apparently a lot of strange incidents have been happening in the capital lately, and I guess that’s causing a lot of people to want to move.
So, what I wanted to ask…”

Kalin raises one finger.

“Is for you to look for other territories besides this camp we can expand to.”

Are there any conditions?”

“I told Roa the details.
You can ask her as you go along.”

Kalin says before staggering her way back to her paperwork.

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