Chapter 71 – Let’s head to the sea!!

I advance through the wasteland with Roa and Hipopo, with Seilook casually flying above us.

There’s a river not too far from here, the same one flowing near the camp.
We’ve been following it downstream for a few days now.

Armored salmon jump out of the river to attack us from time to time, and we also encounter the occasional ivy snake, twin linehorn, and hellhorse, but it’s all stuff we’re used to seeing.

When Kalin told me about this new job, I just saw it as a nice opportunity to get new materials.
I could use some right now.

We can avoid most monster encounters with Roa’s magic eyes and Hipopo’s ability to detect them, and we also have Seilook up there keeping watch.
Roa is looking around with a literal glitter in her eyes, thanks to the magic elements inside them.

It looks like the glasses magic item is working well.
She can both see through things and far away while managing to control them, so they don’t exceed the limit of what she can handle.
I’m actually pretty proud of how they turned out.

And then, all of a sudden, I sense a smell that reminds me of the beach.

“Master Rust.”

“Ah, we’re near the sea.”

Yes, and apparently there is someone fighting up ahead.”

Says Roa while looking in the distance.

“Eh!? Is it actually a mimic… I guess you’d know if it was.”

Roa silently nods.

“Hmm… Let’s go quickly, but don’t drop your guard.”

“All right.”

I hop on top of Hipopo and stretch my arm towards Roa.
She grabs it without hesitation and sits behind me.
If it was just a while ago, she’d probably say no and take off running instead.

I tap Hipopo’s back twice, and it quickly accelerates.
It’s probably because we’re close to the sea, but the earth feels a little different, and there’s not much dust in the air.



Says Roa while pointing her spear, as we finally see the water.
I instruct Hipopo to change course, and we head to where Roa pointed.

We’re getting close, and apparently this fight is happening near the water’s edge.
I can hear the sound of swords clashing mixed with the sound of the waves.

I see someone who looks to have just washed up ashore after a shipwreck.
This person is being attacked by beings with bodies that look human but have fish faces.
They’re probably mermen, and they’re armed too.

I can see them better as we get closer, and the first thing that catches my eye is the silver hair that shines brightly under the sunlight, even though it’s covered in sand and salt.
This person is also wearing a blue priest’s uniform.

“Is that Taula!?”

I say with surprise.
Why is she fighting here? Didn’t she say she was going to the capital?

Still, we need to help first and leave those questions for later.
Hipopo charges into the battle and kicks the mermen attacking Taula.

“Taula! Are you all right?”

“R-rust? Why… Are you here…”

Her voice sounds weak.
I jump down from Hipopo’s back and activate a 【Transcribe】 scroll to check her status.

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