Chapter 89 – We’re back!!

A column of reddish brown stone golems advances in front of us.

Each golem is several times bigger than a person, and they are all pulling wagons loaded with bricks.

It’s quite the spectacle seeing these golems heading to the camp through the newly built road.

“We’re almost there.”

Says Roa, using her power to see far away.

We finished what Kalin asked, so we’re heading back to the camp, and Halhammer is coming with us.

“It looks like the road to the neighboring dominion is complete.
I’m sure it was finished so quickly due to your transmuted beasts leveling the ground.
But what are those stone golems?”

Asks Taula with a curious tone.

“Those are called brick golems, and they are a type of transmuted beast made from bricks, but these look pretty simple.
They’re probably using so many because they’ll go back to being bricks after working for a few days.”

“Yes, and once they get to the camp, the brick golems themselves become building materials.
They are sometimes used to build cities in remote regions like this.”

Halhammer adds to my explanation.

We keep talking while moving forward and trying not to get in the way of the golems, until we see the camp.
It looks completely different.

The place where the camp was is now surrounded by a brick wall, and I can see people of various occupations going about doing their jobs.

This place developed quickly into what can be called a town.

I’m guessing they’ve put away most of the tents, because I can’t see them.
Instead I see many brick buildings.

We keep heading towards the gate in the new brick wall.

“Master Rust and Miss Roa! Welcome back.
And the knight priest Taula as well.
And you…?”

Asks a person I know standing near the gate, no doubt guarding it.

“Rust’s acquaintance.”

Both Halhammer and I smile awkwardly at Roa’s short response.

“This is Master Halhammer, my mentor.”

I have no choice but to introduce him myself.

“I see! Welcome Master Halhammer.
You came at a good time.”

“Why is that?”

Asks Roa.

“We will be holding an event soon.
A ceremony where this place will be given a name and officially become a town.
It will be the first town of the Admiral dominion.”

Says the guard with an excited tone.

Roa’s expression suddenly turns brighter too.
I exchange some information with the guard while enjoying the light mood around us, and enter the town after saying goodbye.

The guard told us where Kalin’s new workplace is, and that’s where we are going.

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