Chapter 91 – Let’s dress up!!

I’m in my tent, preparing to change into my dress suit.

I handed the meteoric iron over to Kalin, gave my report on the proposed site for the new territory, and took the opportunity to introduce Halhammer.

Halhammer is going to set up base next to the site most likely to be the new territory.

On the way here, he told us that after being chased away from our old workplace, he just happened to start living underground where we found him, before Kalin was awarded this dominion.

There were monsters all around but no people, so he was enjoying his relaxed life there doing research alone.
He laughed and said it was a lot easier than having to deal with people.

He was always the kind person to do things others wouldn’t think of, but I was speechless when I first heard this.
Taula and Roa on the other hand were looking back and forth between us like they were thinking doing something erratic like that is just normal for an alchemist.

I don’t intend to do something as crazy as Halhammer.

Speaking of Halhammer, he’s currently with Kalin, carefully discussing what will happen from now on.
Before I left he was passionately saying he would offer knowledge and techniques in return for recognizing his rights as a previous resident.

I bring out my suit out as I think about this.
It’s a bit wrinkled because I didn’t fold it well.

“Ahh… I know the ceremony is important, but I wanted to continue my research too.
I’m still analyzing Seilook’s status, improving the stability of the 《Combine》 scroll, and I want to see if I can put the idea of the multi-layered magic circle into practice…”

I spread my clothes on vines provided by Rose.

Putting it on is kind of a hassle too, but first I should take care of the wrinkles.
Kalin did tell me to dress as a proper master ranked alchemist, so I don’t really have a choice.

I take out a scroll and activate it.

I’m really glad I put the restrictions back on the scrolls on the way back.

I pull a sleeve, so the wrinkles are stretched and disappear.


When I let go, the part I was stretching stays that way.
I go around the whole suit doing the same thing to all the wrinkles.

“I think that’s good.”

I put it on for the first time in a while, with some help from Rose’s vines, before someone calls me from outside the tent.

“Master Rust? Is everything all right? It’s time.”

It’s Ahri.

“Almost done!”

I attach a medal I received to my suit, hang my medallion from my neck, and rush out of the tent.


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