Chapter 96 – Let’s make some comments after receiving a medal!!

I walk in front of Kalin with Seilook still on my shoulder.

The applause I get is louder than everyone else’s, probably at least in part because of Seilook’s miracle.

I stop in front of Kalin and take a knee like all the others.
Ahri told me to do this out of consideration for Kalin’s short stature.

“Master Rust, I award you the medal of Habbafulton in recognition of your services.”

Kalin pins the medal on the left side of my chest.
It’s the crest of the Admiral family, a twin-headed bull.

“Master Rust will now offer his comments.”

Says Ahri the presenter.

After standing back up, I face the crowd looking at me.

I see.
So they were telling me to come up with a name for the alchemy research department because I was going to have an opportunity to speak.
But now… Right now… After the lord of the land’s speech… After what Seilook did… Now…?

I peek over at Kalin, and she grins.

I’m sure she’s enjoying this.

Ahri on the other hand sees the way we’re looking at each other, and looks at me with concern.

Oh? Did Ahri’s future sight activate… No, no way.
Ahh… It can’t be helped.
I can’t keep worrying Ahri either.
I was never going to make a good speech anyway, so I might as well just speak.

I slowly look around at the people looking at me.
I know some of them, and I start speaking as if I’m speaking to them directly.

“Everyone, I’m sure you were surprised by the growth of the kagero seeds.”

I stop for a second.

“What Seilook did just now was a kind of primordial magic.
Seilook has blessed Habbafulton.
What that blessing means exactly will have to be investigated by our expert in primordial magic, Master Halhammer.
He is not only my mentor but also an expert in primordial magic, who will be working for our alchemy research department as an advisor.”

Kalin threw this issue to me, and I throw it to Halhammer.

“Well then.
Many people have been telling me to choose a name for the alchemy research department I’m in charge of, and I finally have it.
Its name, is Kagero Institution.
I will work with the Kagero Institution to live up to the medal I have received.
Thank you for having me.”

Someone arrives just as I finish talking.

This man wearing a military uniform rides his beast straight into the square.

People open a path for him by running to the sides, as he forces his way through.

The man yells.

“Kalin! Rust! There’s been a coup d’état! The royal castle has fallen!”

It’s Harold, an old friend of mine and Kalin’s from our academy days, who I haven’t seen in a long time.

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