w can you be so stupid in the blooming spring of March….
Anyway, don’t go anywhere near the CEO for the time being…, Wait.
Then how would you go on a business trip today? Where is the Chief of Securiy, huh?!”


The source of the flu is believed to be the meeting where both secretaries and security office executives gathered to check Gaon’s business trip schedule.
In other words, the closest group that moves like Gaon’s hands and feet was disbanded.
As Hee-Joo’s voice rose, Gaon, who had been walking ahead for a long time, finally looked back.


“Is it Manager Kwon?”


“Yes, Sir.
I think we’ve got some problems.”


Gaon, who immediately reached out her hand and received her cell phone, listened silently to the Chief of Security’s report.
Her forehead wrinkled a bit, but there was no sign of agitation on her calm face as usual.






On the gentle hillside where a good amount of sunlight shone, various trees of different sizes and types were lined up at regular intervals.
In the meantime, the two people who were slowly walking up stopped in front of a fairly strong cherry tree.


“Sister, we’re here.”


It’s been a while, right? How have you been? I heard it snowed a lot last winter, wasn’t it cold? Ji-Won glanced at Lisa, who was whispering to the blooming tree, and put down a bouquet of lilies he was holding under the tree without saying a word.
Then he glanced down the cherry tree with slightly irritated eyes.
Again this year, the flowers fell and only the flowers that had not yet fallen apart were hanging in a cluttered manner, but the untidy appearance stimulated Ji-Won’s aesthetic with great discomfort.


If he knew this would happen, he would have planted a tree that blooms later.
What is this every time he comes? But he can’t pull out the trees that are already in place. It’s like digging your own grave. Ji-Won, who was kicking his tongue disapprovingly, felt Lisa’s gaze staring at him and smiled hurriedly.


“Cha Ji-Won, aren’t you going to greet your mom?”


“My mother isn’t even here, so what do you mean by greeting?”


Not only my parents, but there are not even ghosts of them in this whole park. As soon as his car came into the parking lot, it was already revealed to him.
Both of them passed the Reincarnation Door a long time ago.
Even though he knows that clearly, the reason he comes here every year on time is to make his aunt feel comfortable.


“He’s a cold-hearted fellow anyway.”


But it’s better than when he was young.
Lisa, who had been staring at her nephew, who was grown up enough for her to look up, became a little serious at the thought that suddenly came to mind.
It was something that could have been ignored, but it bothered her that Ji-Won’s tone was strangely confident.


“Ji-Won, do you still see ghosts?”


Ji-Won, who flinched at his aunt’s worried voice, raised the corners of his mouth with a calm face.
It would be devastating to say that he made it his job to catch ghosts, not just sees ghosts.




‘Sorry, auntie.
Actually, I see them often.
I was used to just seeing the ghosts, but now I even hunt them down.’


“Should I call some exorcist?”


That’s enough.”


Ji-Won, who immediately shook his hand, burst into laughter, but Lisa’s expression did not brighten easily.
He was laughing but she couldn’t.
Remembering the people who tried to put her healthy nephew in a mental hospital, it was enough for Lisa to jump out of bed as if seeing a nightmare.


“Auntie, can’t you come back from America? If my aunt is legally my guardian, they wouldn’t come over to bother me and we can live on our own.
You can kick my Uncles away! I have to kick them out of my house as soon as possible! They are saying I’m crazy! They want to kick me out!”


Sixteen years ago, the persuasion of the young nephew that had been heard over the phone is still vivid in her ears.
The police were not helpful because public power was not deeply involved in family affairs, and it has been a long time since she left Seoul, so there was no other place to reach out.
The 14 hours of flying on a hectic plane to Korea were as long as eternity.
Holding a cell phone tightly in her hand that did not ring again, Lisa had already begged her sister, who was not in the world, for help more than tens of thousands of times.


Her brother-in-law’s family, who reassured her at the sudden funeral of her sister and her husband, said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of the child,” showed their true colours by coveting their young nephew’s property less than a month later.
Lisa, who was settled in New York, did not know that her brother-in-law became a self-made businessman and had a huge wealth.
He was exhausted from helping his brothers who were constantly opening their hands to beg money from him, and eventually completely cut off their relationship.


When Ji-Won was very young, his uncles agreed together to send Ji-Won to a mental hospital who remembered saying he could see ghosts.
They would have judged that there would be no need to argue for a guardian position because his mother’s only relative was his unmarried aunt.


Ji-Won, who had barely escaped to the basement while locking the front door with his cell phone in hand, could not let go of the golf stick for nearly 20 hours until Lisa arrived in Seoul.
Ji-Won, once talented in golf to the extent that he dreamed of becoming a professional, has never held a golf stick again since then.


“No! Do you think I’m making things up? He said he really saw her late grandmother! He even drew the face of a person who had just died….
Hey, you saw it then, right? If he’s not crazy, he couldn’t do that.
That’s why we’re trying to cure him.
Shouldn’t a sick child be treated? Isn’t it a guardian’s duty to raise him healthy?”


Lisa will probably not forget the terrible sight of Ji-Won, whose veins burst and his eyes turned red, falling down as soon as he saw her face, until she dies.
Fortunately, the lawsuit for changing guardianship was not difficult.
Lisa immediately filed a lawsuit with the best law firm in Korea, and Ji-Won’s uncles, who had little enough time to turn their eyes on their young nephew’s property, naturally failed to defend properly.







T/N: The month of Ramadan is here so I’ll be pretty busy.
As I’ve said before, updates will be irregular until the end of next month.
Till then, stay safe and healthy.

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