they are watering them from time to time.”

At the end of the heinous flowery path that could only be seen by an acquaintance, there was a magnificent mansion that was incomparable to any high-ranking house in the historical drama, but there was no place to sit from the base to the eaves.
Ji-Won was tongue-tied because he felt respect for the sincerity of the person who delicately made such a magnificent place with his hard work that he had never seen.

‘Is this the 99-room mansion I’ve only heard of? How much money did the CEO spend to build it? All the pillars are the finest red pine used only in the palace….
It wouldn’t have been easy to collect wood this thick.
Hey, look at the tiles.
It’s almost like pottery.
There are people who build houses like this in Seoul.
And in this expensive neighborhood….
Why does everything feel more realistic here than in the Mureung Valley?’

“Director Cha Ji-Won?”

Ji-Won, who was looking at every corner of the building with interest, came to his senses at the sound of calling his name. Oh, I’m not here to look around. As he quickly arranged his expression and turned his head, a graceful woman with a warm impression was seen approaching him with a gentle smile.
Even though it was the first time they met, Ji-Won almost laughed out loud.

That’s Mrs.
Kwon, the real power of this house.
He thought she was Mrs.
Kwon (Mr.
Kwon’s wife), but her eyes are the same as the Chief of Security.
Siblings with the same blood are this scary.
The expression on both of the Kwons’ faces when they peel people off with their eyes along with a gentle smile on their faces are so similar that it gave him goosebumps.

“Nice to meet you.
I came to pick up the CEO after receiving a call from the Chief of Security.”

I heard you’re on vacation, but you still were dragged into this.”

The word ‘No’ couldn’t be said, but Ji-Won couldn’t even say yes, so he just smiled.
Hee-Joo’s eyebrows slightly rose by Ji-Won’s smile, which seemed to be a mixture of courtesy and pretense.
They said he wasn’t obedient….
But his words and actions seem more decent and quick-witted than she thought.
He also has a great sense of fashion.
At least he doesn’t wear socks with printed characters like Hae-Soo.
That’s good for a first impression.
Hee-Joo, who nodded with a satisfied face, held out a large suitcase she had prepared.

“You can organize this suitcase as soon as you enter the hotel.
Take out all the inner bags and place them on the dressing table.
You don’t need to arrange the cosmetics if you can’t find them.
Just keep the makeup pouch open.
You have to have the clothes in top-notch condition.
The CEO usually opens the closet and wears the first thing she can grab, but she doesn’t care if it’s crumpled or even torn.”

Ji-Won, who was listening quietly, slightly hardened his face.
It was a request that surprised him even more than he had expected. The CEO wears whatever she can? Didn’t she wear a new outfit every time I saw her? And she didn’t seem to wear makeup at all….
Could it be that she doesn’t even put on basic things on the face properly? Oh, no, this is never going to be easy.
It’s not like I’m looking after her, it’s like I’m babysitting her!

“The CEO is also not that enthusiastic about taking care of her meals….
If you leave her as she is alone, she will often skip meals without caring that she’s still hungry.
So you must take care of her meals at least twice a day.”

That’s it.
Then he can just suggest her to eat with him when she’s hungry. I don’t think the taste of a person living in a house like this would be Western.
But if it’s London, I won’t be able to find Korean food there….

“Is there anything the CEO doesn’t like or is allergic with?”

The CEO eats whatever comes on the table.”

“Favorite food….”

“There’s nothing special the CEO likes.
So you have to take care of it evenly on your own.”

“Oh…, yes.
Then what does the CEO usually do on the flight? Should I prepare a book or movie that she likes to watch?”

“The CEO will probably just rest.
She doesn’t usually have much time to enjoy cultural life, so she’s rarely interested in that.”

What kind of monk’s life is this? She doesn’t have any favorite food? Doesn’t have any life, and just kills ghosts all day? How can a person be normal even if they live like that?’

Ji-Won, who felt bad for no reason, sighed quietly.
For some reason, he felt stuffy, but thanks to the extra information, it helped him strengthen his resolution.
It’s too late to turn it back, since he has already stepped in too deep…. All right, let’s close our eyes and be nice to each other for a few days.
I’ve been through that dirty training in the army, and I can’t stand babysitting someone for three days? No matter how experienced a person is to play with his fingertips, will he be as good as Kim Byung-Man*?

[T/N: Kim Byung-Man (born July 29, 1975) is a South Korean comedian, best known for his slapstick and acrobatic stunts as a Master in Gag Concert, and survival skills in Law of the Jungle as he acts as the Chief of the show.]

“She also doesn’t drink properly, so you just have to be careful about that too.”

“I see.”

“This pouch should always be carried by Director Cha.
It contains a passport, a cell phone, emergency medicine, and simple medical supplies.
There is a hand-held blood pressure measurement in there, twice a day….”

“I heard that from the Chief of Security.
As soon as the CEO wakes up in the morning, and just before she goes to bed.”

“Yes, it’s very easy to use.
You just need to read the instructions.
And this is….”

Ji-Won, who was staring at Hee-Joo’s small medicine bottle, unknowingly wrinkled his forehead.
What was written on the label was also a familiar name for Ji-Won.

“…it’s sleeping pills.”

“The CEO doesn’t take it all the time, but she takes one pill only when she’s really tired and can’t sleep.
Once the insomnia kicks, she can’t sleep for several days….
CEO’s personal doctor prescribed that it is better to take medicine than to endure it like that.
Keep it well and give it to the CEO when she searches for it.”

She can’t sleep for days….
And when she can’t sleep, she takes this strong medicine.
That means she doesn’t take sleeping pills very often and just endures.
Yeah, no one can be fine if they live like that.
Strangely enough, Ji-Won was holding back for a while because he didn’t want to pry, but then he heard a small and drowsy voice behind his back.

“Director Cha.”

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