Human beings are weak like snow if you touch them they will break if you put them under sun they will melt like nothing

But Ian not even human or nor demons or monsters

Iam just here to protect those weak humans

God made me to do it he put everything in me to protect them but he did not put any emotion in me

When I ask him why he said you won be able to protect them if you have those feelings in you so I didn ask anything about it anymore

I have been many worlds this is my 35 time I was sent to many worlds to protect those humans when my needs are finished

I was sent to other worlds

And its my 35 time I have meet with many people but couldn understand them without any reason they laugh they cry I don understand that

Sometimes people say to me that lets be friends but what is friendship

Because of those reasons I was always alone but its Okey since I have no idea what alone means so I only do my work

And that is to protect the human

Part 2

Iam the greatest weapon of mankind to protect the humanity

A hero iwas created to do that and God gave me a name

And it was…?

I think I forgot it lets think what was it ohhh I remember

Humanitys greatest hero something like that I guess

My job is to save humanity every time I finish my job I was given a new job in different worlds or timeliness

When I save them I don feel anything like joy or happiness but they laugh cry and I see them I only feel that I have to save them and protect them I guess its my job to do so

And this is my 35 time doing my job as a hero

And I finished my job and God will send me to a different world thats what I thought

He suddenly called me and said your job as a hero is finished and you will be Bron as normal human being and live like one and die like one

I didn understand what he meant that so I asked is that my new job

He laughed and said no you will live like a normal human being have a family you will have your on emotions feelings like normal human does and the heros power you will no longer have Tham but you will be stronger than normal human

And also if you die thats the of it you will never be able to Bron again

I asked why do I have to live like human

He said that everyone has their own uses when I needed you I made you and now your no longer needed so that why you will be a normal human and die like one thats it no more question

And now I am a Bron as a normal human

Wait a minute why am I so small I can open my eyes ohh it opened why are they so big

And suddenly someone hit on my butt and I don know why but i felt something ohh its pain but why am I crying ohh God I wanna die its hard to live as a human

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