Chapter 9 Mecha Battle

One after another, other mechas appeared in front of everyone as if they had fallen from the sky.
Each of them was as tall as a dozen stories, sleek, bright or cool colors, in different styles, but all looked very cool.

After a simple yet majestic opening, the mechas stayed in the arena.

Almost simultaneously, a circular funnel-shaped venue similar to an arena was built from the surroundings of the venue in an instant.
It seemed like the surrounding people had long been used to it, because they took their seats in the fuse.

Do I need to buy a ticket?

Or can you sit anywhere?

Since it was his first time, he had no idea, feeling puzzled, he looked around curiously.

One of the women who was closer noticed He Xile's dazed state, walked over and patted him on the shoulder lightly.

With a friendly smile she gently explained.
“Kid, is this your first time here? The seats here are all free, and whoever grabs the first one will count.
Take a look and feel free to sit where you like.”

He Xile: “Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” She waved her hands casually.
“Sit down quickly, the game is about to start.”

He Xile agreed, and walked to the empty seat beside him, as he was crossing, he heard the conversation between her and peers.

“Did you see? Star Net has special privileges for children.
The avatars they picked don't have secondary characteristics, so cute! Alas, unlike me, with such a big ear, I have to wear a hat to cover it, and it’s still hard to cover it, it's too ugly, it's really ugly…
wait for my husband and I to have a baby, to let the baby register an account early.”

“Don't think so much, it's not necessarily true.
Maybe they have features on the face?”

“…That's true.”

After hearing the word, He Xile turned around just to meet the two people's eyes.

Originally the lady who spoke was looking at He Xile with that kind of empathetic gaze, but as soon as she met his gaze, she was so embarrassed, the hairy top of her head, like a bushel of big ears flew back almost instantly, making a frightened appearance.

Feeling embarrassed she cried which almost looked like crying, and explained, “I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to talk about you…”

He Xile blinked his eyes.

In fact, he paid no attention to what the lady said before, but thought to himself that people here don't seem to like their second characteristics.

In his view, some people's secondary characteristics were indeed a bit peculiar.

For example, when he first woke up, he saw the man whose neck would stretch infinitely.
If he starred in a horror movie on earth, he would definitely be a hit at the box office; There was another man, only one of the arms weighed a thousand pounds, looked unstable center of gravity, life must be very inconvenient; as well as those black lines on His Majesty's body, as well as the tiny scales surging up.

But it's their specialty, their logo, that makes them unique.

He Xile felt that there was nothing wrong with this.

Moreover, he felt the second characteristic of most people was very, very cute-all kinds of clever animal ears; furry long and short tails, which also wiggled; dropping down like small antlers…

Ahhh, just like rua!

And top of that these characteristics also reflect the mood of the owner at all times.

Make it to understand these people better.

The lady just revealed that she didn't like her secondary features, which reminded him of many cute girls in China.
Even if they looked pretty, they still felt that their faces and bodies were full of flaws, and couldn't wait to use various methods to become closer to perfection.

He stood still, after a little hesitation he raised his hand, pointed to the position on the side of his head, corresponding to the lady's animal ears, and said solemnly: “I'm not angry, I just want to tell you, I think your ears are really cute.”

The lady was taken aback.

There weren't any empty seats around, so instead of waiting for her reply, he first found the seat and happily prepared to watch the mecha battle.

The lady sat still in her original position and clutched her clothes tightly with her fingers, and her eyes reddened.

Most people in Hexinna's universe were dissatisfied with their secondary characteristics, and of course she is.
Her second feature looked too big and ostentatious.

On school days, people would even pull her ears and laugh at her for no reason.

If it wasn't for the law that prohibits surgical removal of secondary features, she would have already saved money for surgery…

So, is it true?

Her ears are really cute?

Very peculiar.

She was obviously skeptical about this comment, thinking that the child had been coaxing her by saying it on purpose, but her nose still couldn't help but sour, tears fell straight down, and her heart was filled with various emotions in an instant.

“What's wrong?”

Her companion laughed, “Too excited to see Youdui?”


She just nodded her head without words, with tears still streaming down her face, but a bright smile appeared on her face.

“Wow, you're so out of it, aren't you? Although it's true that Yudui rarely appears, there is no need to cry like this, right? Woohoo, I really want to see someone challenge Yudui right away.”

The lady just laughed.

Who wouldn't love themselves?

She also wanted to love all of herself, but the only ones who praised her were her parents, who obviously had endless filters.
No matter what she looked like, they loved her unconditionally.

——What she encountered more was the lingering shadows of her childhood.

No stranger had ever complimented her on her second features.

So, she couldn't find a reason at all.

There was simply no reason to love her secondary characteristic.

But now… it turns out that there are still strangers in this world who would still like her ears when they see her without a filter?

That's great.

He Xile did not even see what was going on, but heard another wave of cheers around him.

Immediately afterwards, the battle began.

The black and red mecha Yudui, that He Xile thought was particularly cool before, and another golden mecha came out.
Almost as soon as the countdown ended, Yudui made a slashing movement, catching the opposite mecha off guard.

“Now we've seen that Yudui was still the quickest and most responsive in the first half of the absolute melee, but as his opponent, the killing star is not weak either.
This splendid mecha warrior in gold, has already won a full twenty matches in a row in the competition arena, is the new favorite in many people's eyes!”

“So, this time, will the gold medal change hands—”

The sound of the narration was deafening.

Without blinking, He Xile stared straight at the mecha in battle.

In the field, the mechas were particularly large, but because of the many components, they were very flexible in their movements.
It was said that it takes nearly three years to complete the entire mecha, and the number of parts was more than 100,000.

Everyone was watching the field with rapt attention.

Half a minute passed in almost a blink of an eye for the spectators, not so for the warriors in the middle of the battle, the two mechs were in such a state that the gap was visible to the naked eye.

But there might be a chance.

Once the half-minute of melee battle had passed, the two mechs lit up with countless lights around their bodies and lifted off at the same time!
He Xile's mouth was wide open, and his sight followed the mechs.

All the people in the auditorium raised their heads, without exception.

There were endless roaring sounds all around, and at this time, there was no sound of commentary at all, only a few sporadic words could be heard amidst the screaming.

The light shines almost throughout the sky, brightening as day.

Even in the air, Mecha Killer still lost to Yudui, the all-time king.
He took a roundabout tactic, dodging Yudui's attack, and chose He Xile's direction just in time, and Yudui seemed to have seen through the escape route of star killer long ago.

He aimed his laser cannon at this side, and attacked—

A cold blue light instantly penetrated the core of Killer's mecha, but it also penetrated He Xile's body at the same time.

He Xile's pupils shrank slightly.

“Warning! Heart rate abnormalities are detected, and will be forced to offline.”


Before the warning was finished, He Xile's eyes went dark, until the light blue curtain hanging from the bed appeared in his sight, and his heart was still beating.

Sitting on the soft bed, He Xile slowly exhaled a breath.
At this moment, his palms were still full of sweat.


That was a close call.

So exciting!

I really want to do it again!

Is this mech combat?

So cool!

No one can resist the temptation from mechs!

He Xile's eyes sparkled.

It's a pity that the terminal has decided that He Xile is no longer suitable for logging in for a short time.
No matter how he clicked, he couldn't enter the star network.

But He Xile was not disappointed.

——There must be another chance in the future.

Next time, next time he will never be popped out of the terminal again!

With more expectations for this world, He Xile nestled into the bed and fell asleep happily.

Half an hour later.

There was a hasty knock on the door.

He Xile, who was in a daze and had entered a light sleep, was startled and jumped up directly from the bed.
Then, he heard a muffled “open the door” from outside.

The next second, the room door was opened.

Wen Jiyu stood at the door.

He was finally wearing normal pajamas instead of a cloak, so he looked more casual, but this also allowed He Xile to clearly see the black lines hovering on the right side of his body.

He didn't enter, but stood in place, looking He Xile up and down.

He Xile was still sitting on the bed.

Being half awake he was a little unresponsive, his face was sleepy, only his eyes were fighting to open, and he looked at Wen Jiyu in surprise.

“Your Majesty.” He Xile shouted.

Wen Jiyu said “hmm” slowly.

He Xile: “…May I ask what is the reason for your late-night visit?”

Wen Jiyu's voice was lazy: “Nothing.
I just had a dream that you ran away, so I came to have a look.
After all, you are the one I spent 30-billion-star coins to buy back, if you really run away, won’t I suffer.”

After saying that, Wen Jiyu turned and left without waiting for He Xile's response.

He Xile sat on the bed with a confused look on his face.


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