“Your Excellency He Xile, please go back to sleep.”

The guard at the door gave a salute.

His expression was very natural, as if it were a common and normal thing for His Majesty to knock on the door in the middle of night because of a nightmare.

He Xile: “…Okay.”

After that the guard gently closed the door.

Lying flat on the bed, but his sleepiness was all gone because of sudden interruption.

Thinking of His Majesty's behavior just now, he still felt baffled.
After tossing and turning for a while, he simply got up, opened the terminal, and searched for videos about mecha battles on the star network.

But not all other mecha battles were of the same quality as Yudui's battle against the killing star.

He Xile watched several battles in a row and felt that both sides made their moves very slowly.
Although it wasn’t a slow-motion video, he could still see every move and style clearly, and even came up with a solution.

Although he could not exclude the reason why he was a spectator, at this kind of speed, can really defeat the enemy?

He was at a loss, when thinking of this.

Out of curiosity, He Xile directly searched the star network, only to find out that mech combat was linked to the warrior's spiritual power – the stronger the spiritual power, the more it could drive the mecha to move quickly, and the more dominant and easier to win when fighting against each other.

The video he saw just now was a battle between B-level fighters.

And B-level spiritual power has eliminated most of the warriors within the empire.

As for the real battle…

The interstellar people were currently fighting against a creature called Zerg that was their enemy.
The creature looked terrifying, without human form, and was covered with hard shells, like praying mantises, and possessed two scythe-like weapons with amazing cutting abilities.
With big mouthparts, like cannibal flowers, and could instantly swallow a three-meter-tall interstellar man into their bellies.

The interstellar people drive such a huge mecha to fight with it, on the one hand, it was to prevent being swallowed in one bite.
On the other hand, even if the mecha was not fast, at least it has the ability to fight the Zerg, which greatly reduces the loss of soldiers.

In recent years, many scientists have been studying the mecha refinement.
But there were so many parts in the mecha, and it affects the whole body.
It cannot be improved overnight.

After reading all the popular science, He Xile finally understood.

He returned to the Star Net page again, and was just about to click on other videos when his gaze was suddenly drawn to the newly refreshed recommendations on the home page.

“Watching the live broadcast, Shangyi Xunyuan, the largest live broadcast platform on Star Net, has everything.”

He Xile: “!!!”

That's right! The live broadcast!

How come he didn't think of it before!

He immediately clicked in and watched several anchors one after another.

Sure enough, just like the advertising slogan, it has everything on it.

Playing games, singing, doing dark cooking, traveling, shopping and trying on clothes, raising children… One couldn’t do it without them.

The more He Xile watched it, the more he felt it was interesting.

In China, many people have made a living by live broadcasting.

With his hands and feet, he wasn't able to carry anything and it was really inconvenient to find a job.
But the live streaming had no limitation for the work content, and some of them could even be used for simple chatting, which was a very good choice for He Xile.

Although he might not earn much in the early stage, it doesn't matter.
But it was ok for doing nothing, and there was no shortcut for success.

He made a quick plan in his mind, and finally felt a little sleepy.

Covering up the quilt, he quickly fell asleep.

This time, no one came to disturb again, and he slept until eight o'clock the next morning.

After stretching, He Xile felt full of energy.

It's a great feeling to wake up every morning to a new day full of hope, warm sunshine, blue skies, and there are lots of things waiting to be done and discovered, which is great!

He Xile couldn't help rolling over and over on the bed.

1551, the big bed is just cool—

No matter how you play, you won't fall off!

A few minutes later, He Xile was a little out of breath.
Satisfied, he thought that this was considered exercise, so he got up to freshen up.

As for today he didn’t run into His Majesty.

After finishing the breakfast, he returned to the room, opened the terminal, and was about to study how to register as an anchor, just then he saw Captain Xing's reply.

Captain Xing: “Sorry, I was at work earlier and didn't see your message, I just got off work now.
I saw you saying that you want to work? Is it because His Majesty mistreated you and doesn't give you money? Please let me know the details immediately, and I will be happy to help you prosecute.”

He Xile: “???”

No, no, no!

Jolted back by his reply he typed: “You misunderstood His Majesty; he is very kind to me.
I just think that I need a source of income created by my own labor.
On our blue planet, I am already an adult at my age.
People have to be responsible for themselves, not to mention that I can't rely on His Majesty forever, I have to learn to be independent sooner or later.”

“Don't think too much about it, let alone sue.”

Seeing these words from the human, his appearance suddenly appeared on Captain Xing’s mind.

——Beautiful eyes were shining bright as stars, there would be a lovely pear vortex on face when he smiled, a slender and beautiful neck like a swan, and a figure that tended to be perfect.

Of course, according to their aesthetics, it would be better if He Xile was a little fatter.

And such a seemingly small human being, who could be picked up with one hand, and arouse protective desires at a glance, was actually saying that he wanted to be independent at such a young age.

It's really distressing to see…

Captain Xing thought about it, if the roles of the two were reversed, he was this precious and unique human being in the empire, he would be very content to accept the feeding of his guardians and would not want to work on his own, and might even take the initiative to reach out for money.

Just thinking about it makes him feel good!

Wait a minute.

It was really difficult to ask His Majesty for money.

Most people were too frightened to speak at the sight of His Majesty who was moody and unpredictable.
However, His Majesty was decisive and would do anything to satisfy his sadistic desire…

Once there was a small-scale organization paraded in the streets, hoping that His Majesty would consider the public and change his strategy of governing the country.
At least he could no longer continue to kill innocent people indiscriminately, but the leader of that group was killed overnight by His Majesty.

Blood was the first smell most people smelled that morning.

The remaining survivors, out of fear of death, no longer dared to step forward, and soon the group became a scattered mess.
This kind of iron-blooded wrist also made most people in the empire afraid to speak out.

Damn it.

So, there was a high possibility for humans to be abused.

No way.

He must have to take a look at the current state of the little humans, and if he sees anything wrong, he would sue immediately.

Without further ado, Captain Xing popped up a video request.

The request was quickly answered.

The projection of human He Xile appeared in front of Captain Xing instantly.
His complexion was much rosier than before, and changed into a different set of clothes.
When his wrist was raised, lace was layered on top of each other, gorgeous and complicated, which was quite different from his appearance when he just came out of the display cabinet.
Now he looked more dazzling and cuter.

For some reason, Captain Xing suddenly thought of those imitation dolls that had amazed him when he went to the mall before, but He Xile was a hundred times more beautiful than those imitation dolls.

From top to bottom, it doesn't look like he's been abused at all.

Could it be…

His Majesty, really didn’t make things difficult for He Xile?

“Hello Captain Xing.”

He Xile's voice was clear, his eyes were warm, and when he spoke, he smiled, and the dimples were faintly visible.

It was the first time for him to make a video call with someone on the terminal.
So, after the greeting, he looked curiously at Captain Xing who appeared in front of him as if he had really appeared in the palace.

He stretched out his hand, trying to touch the hem of his clothes, and surprisingly his hand didn't pass through, but really felt the corresponding touch, just like when he was in Star Net's world before.


Is this the power of technology?

He Xile couldn't help but say with envy: “This is too realistic.
If only we had this technology too.”

He still remembered that when he lived in the Provincial Cancer Hospital, there was an eight-year-old girl in the next bed, who came from the county.
After the operation, the companion who had been staying in the hospital changed from her parents to her grandparents.
Her parents went back to their hometown and worked hard to earn more money for treatment.

Every night, they made video calls using their cell phone.

On the surface, the little girl has always been very strong, smiling every day, even showing off a little fluffy hair on her shaved head around the ward, but in the middle of the night, when everything is quiet, He Xile could hear the little girl’s muffled choking, which almost smothered up in the quilt, afraid of waking up her grandparents.

If only this technology had been available back then…

How wonderful it would be.


He Xile shook his head.
What he just thought was too petty – if the Earth had not been destroyed, everything would have been the same as before, and according to the goodwill of the people on this planet towards humans, people would surely be better off, right? At that time, not only this technology, but even the disease might be far away, and no one would ever suffer from it again.

Although the idea was very immature and impossible to realize, at least for this moment, He Xile hoped so.

Hearing his words Captain Xing also thought of the current state of the blue planet.

Seeing that the human on the opposite side was a little lost, he guessed that the other person must be homesick.

Sighing softly in his heart, Captain Xing changed the subject: “The clothes on your body look good.

“Mmm” Not wanting to influence Captain Xing, he quickly packed up his mood and nodded his head like chicken pecking rice, “I also think it looks very good-looking.” Scratching his head embarrassingly, He Xile told him about his clothes, which was cut by him and was seen by His Majesty then he helped him find a fashion designer, and said, “So Captain Xing, His Majesty is really good to me, I hope you don’t worry.”

Being afraid that Captain Xing would not believe him, he quickly told him that he couldn’t bite the lamb, and finally his ears turned red in embarrassment, “His Majesty agreed at that time, and changed the ingredients at noon.”


It's really shameful to take the initiative to tell others about the fact that he couldn't even bite the meat before, even if the opposite is Captain Xing!

Captain Xing paused and was full of doubts.

Is it real or fake?

Is this really what His Majesty would do? Didn't he always pay no attention to the others?

…It's unbelievable.

But this human being didn't look like he could lie either.

Captain Xing nodded in response: “That's good.
I'll keep an eye on the work for you later.”

“Thank you, Captain, for your trouble.”

He Xile continued, “Last night on Star Net, I saw a platform called Yi Xun Yuan recruiting anchors, and I wanted to try it out.”

“Anchor?” Captain Xing frowned, but soon loosened.
“You can give it a try, but I'm not very interested in the Star Network, so I won't log in unless necessary, so I don't know this industry very well.
You have to be careful not to be deceived.
If something happens, you can come to me…
also can go to His Majesty.”

He Xile was His Majesty's ward, if he was bullied His Majesty would definitely not bear it for the sake of face.

“Yeah, I'll pay more attention.”

He Xile knew Captain Xing had just got off work, so he asked him to rest, “Don't be exhausted.
Let's talk next time!”

Hanging up the call, He Xile solemnly opened the terminal, logged in to Star Net, and searched for “Yixun Yuan”.
After confirming that this was indeed the largest live broadcast platform on Star Net, he began to register.

Since the terminal was connected to the nerve, it was very simple to register without verification.

Ten minutes later, He Xile successfully opened the live broadcast room.

On the other side.

Although the terminal on the wrist of His Majesty's wrists did not vibrate again, a new message popped up.

“Your ward He Xile has opened live broadcast room in Yi Xun Yuan, live broadcast room ID: 4493744, come and watch his live broadcast, become his first viewer, cheer him up~”

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