dinates couldn't help calling in a low voice: “Captain.”

It wasn't clear yet whether this human was any danger to them.

So, it was inappropriate for Captain Xing to rush over.

However, Captain Xing shook his head.

His sixth sense told him that this seemingly small human would not pose any threat to him.

This kind of sixth sense came out of nowhere, but the former Captain Xing relied on it to avoid countless enemy attacks when he controlled the Mecha to fight against the Star Pirate.
He trusted his sixth sense very much.

The distance was getting closer.

He Xile looked at the approaching man who looked like a mountain, he went pale, and half-backing fearfully.

Upon seeing this, the Captain immediately stopped on his track.

“Don't be afraid.
I won't hurt you.”

Saying this Captain Xing, trying to drift to a relatively safe distance.

As he looked at the human, his heartbeat sped up, but it wasn't because that this human would hurt him.

But he felt that this human being was incredibly soft, as if he could be torn into two with a single claw.

Stretching out an arm, Captain Xing said earnestly, “I can help you walk.”

Hearing this, He Xile eased up.

It turned out that he came to help him because he saw that he was not walking smoothly.

Tilting his head up, He Xile observed this non-human at close range.

Before he stood among his teammates in the distance so his height wasn't obvious, but when this non-human walked up to him, he realized that the non-human was so tall, more than four meters!

The other party looked very strong, but his waist was very narrow.
He has a very typical inverted triangle figure.
However, his body proportions were very peculiar.
He was heavy on the top and light on the bottom.
So even though He Xile was just about one meter seven-eight, he could only reach the opponent's waist.
In addition, there was a wolf's tail extending from his tailbone, which was fluffy, big and long.

Armed with a long gun, he looked mighty and domineering.

The disparity in power between the two sides, visible to the naked eye, made He Xile feel apprehensive.

But he believed what the captain said.

——If they wanted to hurt him, there was no need to be so tactful.

“Thank you.” He Xile whispered.

It wasn't really convenient for him to walk now.
Because of his height, he put his hand on Captain Xing's wrist, and used his strength to walk, which was really much more convenient.

But what he didn't see was that Captain Xing's wolf tail began to swing wildly behind his back.

——My God!

He was now so close to the national treasure, the only human being in the universe! From his height, he could clearly see a hair swirl in this human's soft black hair.

This was something he could brag about for the rest of his life!!!

And unlike some cold, previously unearthed records, this human did not seem to have any aggressive tendencies.
He spoke with such a nice voice! His hands were so soft! The force on his wrist felt very light.
His size was also small! Seemed to be only a third of his size, looks so cute!

Black hair and beautiful crystal-clear eyes.

There was no odor, and even a peculiar light fragrance –

Ah ah ah.

Is this a human being!

For a moment, the captain was swept away by the thoughts in his mind.

The big tail behind him also swung more and more violently.

He Xile, who was walking beside Captain Xing: “?”

Why does it feel like there is a gust of wind behind me?

Following them, everyone walked out of the museum together.

Outside the museum was a particularly large open space, where several small spaceships were neatly parked.

He Xile was led in the direction of the spaceship.
As he was marveling at the technological level of this world, through the gap of the long legs swinging around, he saw in the distance that there were many non-human beings outside the cordon, looking this way.

I guess it's a reporter?

After all, this is a big event that the collection has opened its eyes.
After knowing this, which TV station can miss to report it?

Sitting on the small spaceship, He Xile looked around curiously.

Captain Xing: “First time to take this kind of spaceship?”

He Xile smiled shyly: “Yeah.”

How can there be such a thing on earth?

Seeing this, Captain Xing introduced some well-known content from the side: “This is the Yura, a small spaceship.
It is only provided for military use, if necessary, it can be converted into combat mode.
Look…” He raised the instrument on his wrist, and a small screen immediately appeared on it, showing in 3D what the small spaceship would look like after it changed shape.

Although He Xile didn't know much about these complicated contents, he was in the stage of absorbing world knowledge, and he was quite interested in it.

And soon reached the hospital at great speed.

It was the first time for He Xile to take a spaceship, and when he arrived at his destination, he stood up a little heavy-headed, feeling as if his soul hadn't arrived yet, even when he arrived at the hospital.

As soon as he was helped off the spaceship, he was pulled away by a group of people and placed into an oval-shaped instrument.

His hands and feet were all restrained, making him immobilized.

Not long after, the instrument rumbled.

“Detecting vital signs – normal.
Unidentified object detected in the brain; the droplets were identified as a tumor – has been removed.
Physical strength detection – Level E, force value detection – Level F.”

The instrument was still broadcasting all the detected contents.

But everyone in the hospital was shocked.

“Ah? E-level physical strength, F-level force? Doesn't that mean I can knock him down with a single punch? And he's so thin!”

“Well, why don't you give it a try?”

“…Just kidding, just kidding, if I were to do it, wouldn't I be immediately arrested by the escort? But this is not the same as what was written in the records ah.”

“Are human beings so weak?”

“Oh my god, when I think of such a precious human being as helpless as a chicken, ownership belongs to His Majesty, and His Majesty…
I dare not think about it any further.”

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