he be an adult?”

“That's right.”

“But human beings are really amazing, even the underage children look exactly the same as adults…”

“It's understandable, they don't have second characteristics.”

The staff member who registered basic information for He Xile was a woman with rabbit ears.
There were still four or five idle non-human beings around, looking at He Xile with great interest.

——This is the only human being in the world!

In the past, if they wanted to see this human being, they had to buy a ticket to the museum and take a look inside through the display cabinet.
Now not only can they see this human being for free, but it's still alive!

The kind that could breathe and talk!

How strange!

He Xile couldn't help but say: “Actually, on our earth, I mean the Blue Planet, eighteen years old is already an adult.” Although he didn't finish high school to cure his illness, no one would think of him as an adult, just a child…but he was already nineteen.

Starting over again, He Xile also wants to be an adult.

Everyone: “!!!”


Already an adult?

But this human named He Xile looks so small!!!

The staff couldn't help popularizing science: “The average lifespan of people on our planet is about 500 years.
Human life is longer, and it takes a certain amount of time to establish the three views.
Most people will settle down, so it takes 30 years to be considered an adult, and as you can see, we all have second characteristics.”

She said, stroking her long ears and smiling, “Before adulthood, children survive with second characteristics.
And after coming of age, only they become what they are today.
It is very different from your planet.”

Captain Xing found the picture next to him and showed it to He Xile: “This is the cub of our clan.”

On the picture, a litter of what looked like small wolf cubs were sleeping on all fours in one place.
They were all fluffy and had a pair of small, fleshy wings on their backs, it looked round like a ball and very cute.

He Xile: “Wow.”

So, the cubs in this world have such a cute and fluffy appearance.
Only when they grew up did they become similar to humans!!

Oh my God! What a wonderful world this is!

The surrounding people asked some questions, and said something from their planet, likewise they chatted for a while.

From this, He Xile learned a lot of magical knowledge about this planet.

Time flies by fast.

The staff member finished typing the last line of message and said with a smile: “Mr.
He Xile, all the questions have been finished so far, and your identity information has been successfully entered into the terminal.
However, because of your special identity, some questions have not been clarified.
if it is still necessary, I may contact you to supplement later, I hope you can cooperate.”

He Xile nodded obediently: “I will.”

“By the way, the instrument you are wearing on your wrist is a temporary terminal and has not been bound to your account.
Your personal terminal will be completed in a week, and sent directly to your guardian.
Please pay attention to check your receipt.”



Does he still have such a thing?

He Xile had never heard anyone mention it before.
Blinking his eyes, he asked a little confused: “Who is my guardian?”

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

The people in the hall looked at each other.

“So, this human doesn't know yet?”

You go ahead and say it.”

“No, no, no, it's better for you to go.” The staff smiled wryly.

After an afternoon of getting along, everyone had only one thought about the human being in front of them.

——He is so good.

Humans are so cute!

However, now, they have to tell humans such a cruel thing, which is bit unbearable.

He Xile was at a loss when seeing how they were pushing and shoving each other.

What's the situation?

In the end, Captain Xing came to He Xile's side and said in a deep voice.
“It's like this.
After you were discovered by scavengers, you were sold to several star pirate organizations, and finally auctioned off by His Majesty in the black market.
So, your current guardian is our Majesty.”

He looked at the ignorant He Xile, knew very well that this poor human being, didn't know what kind of creature His Majesty was.

The captain let out a sigh.

“Alright, let's go, now go see your guardian.”

After judging that He Xile had no aggressive tendencies, the guards needed to complete the handover as soon as possible, to the museum staff and they will deliver this human to his guardian.

Before leaving, he secretly handed over his personal terminal contact information to He Xile, and said in a low voice, “If necessary, you can call me through this communication.”

Inside the splendid palace complex.

A tall man sat on a high throne.

His left leg is placed on the right one, while his arm rested on his knee, sitting in a frivolous posture.
The heavy cloak as black as ink covered half of his body, but it couldn't block the cursing black lines.

The lines extended from under the collar, like fangs and claws, covering half of the man's face but still, it did not damage his handsome face.

His eyes were as brilliant as flames, his long eyelashes dropped slightly, and he lazily glanced at the nobles and ministers who were kneeling on the ground, their bodies trembling slightly, but did not dare to breathe.

“Or is there no one willing to confess who leaked the information?”

A deep voice rang out in the empty building, accompanied by a chuckle.
“Then choose a few lucky ones at random to be buried with them.”

“Your Majesty—— ” The hoarse voice sounded.

In the next second, several nobles had already fallen.

Blood splattered to other survivors.

Everyone's face went pale.

The old man who just made a sound was about to get up, but when he saw the situation trembling and fell back to his original position, he burst into tears: “How can this be – how can you kill innocent people like this without finding out the truth!”

When he heard what he said, he just laughed mockingly.


Three hours later.

“Your Majesty, the people who leaked the news have all been purged.”

“Clean up this place as soon as possible.”

The man on the throne rose slowly, his eyes coldly looking down at the blood all over the ground, and frowned inscrutably.
“I hate l this disgusting smell.”

“…Yes, Your Majesty.”

As soon as he stepped out the gate, a person came forward.

And respectfully said: “Your Majesty, the people from the Imperial Center Museum have arrived and are waiting in the living room.
They said they have something important to inform.”

Lead the way.”

Arriving in the living room, what came into sight wasn't the museum's staff, but a large and solid package, a very old-looking robot.

The robot scanned the incoming person and knelt somewhat sluggishly in front of His Majesty.

“Good day, Your Majesty.
The human being you donated to the museum ten years ago recovered miraculously and woke up at 2:32 p.m.

The robot said in an indifferent tone.
“According to the law, Your Majesty, you are now his guardian.”

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