Dining room.

Sitting in front of the dining table He Xile looked at the exquisite tableware filled with very artistic dishes.

The most recent dish was probably a dessert.
It was not known what ingredients were used to make it, it looked creamy, and was made into an oval shape.
It looked a bit like jelly, which made people want to poke it.

This was He Xile's first meal in Interstellar.
He wanted to try everything, and was about to pick up a spoon to take a bite of dessert, just then he heard the guard stop him.
“Your Excellency, wait a minute.”

He Xile: “? “


He turned his head curiously, only to see a pair of callused hands with many tiny wounds that could not heal stretched out diagonally.

 The guard held a big square scarf and carefully pinned it into his collar.

He moved gently, as if he was dealing with a fragile glass doll.

He Xile was taken aback.

His face flushed instantly, and hurriedly raised his hand to catch the scarf, while whispering: “I…
I can do it myself…”

Just as his words fell.

“Alright” The guard had already pinned it down.

His tone was gentle.
“Please use it.”

Feeling embarrassed he diverted his attention and looked at the delicacies in front of him, pretending that nothing had just happened.

He raised the spoon in his hand.

The spoon was very big, just a little digging would take a big mouthful, which he couldn't finish it.

He simply took a spoon and ate in small bites.

This dessert was just as it looked, it tasted like jelly, but it had a creamier flavor and seemed to contain a little lemon in it, which didn't make people feel greasy, and even a little appetizing.

He Xile went to try something else.

The chefs in this restaurant were all cooking for Wen Ji, and it was very much like the imperial kitchen in ancient China.
Their craftsmanship was very assured, and every dish made He Xile's eyes shine.

The hardest dish among them was a large piece of white and tender meat that had been fried until the corners were browned, and it smelled like a strong milky aroma.
The good taste of other dishes made him look forward to this dish even more.

He couldn't wait to use the knife to cut open the meat in front of him and cutted it with ease.
Looking at the beautiful texture inside, he felt that the meat should be very tender and must taste very delicious.


Almost drooling!

With a mouthful, He Xile slammed it down.

——Then he froze on the spot and backed away slowly.

Looking down, he saw a tooth mark on the meat.

He Xile: “?”

Putting down the chopsticks, he slowly raised his hand and covered his knocked teeth.
The corners of his eyes were a little red, and his eye sockets were moist.
It looked as if he was going to cry in the next second.

It hurts so much…

Damn it!

What kind of meat is this dish?

Obviously, it looked so soft when cutting, and it looked very tender, but who knows that he would not be able to bite!? And because of his defenselessness, it directly knocked his teeth.

He raised his head and looked up at the surrounding people, and saw that all of them had been staring at him while eating…


So embarrassing!

The chef on the side was dumbfounded, and didn't react for a while.

Two seconds later, the chef hurriedly explained: “This dish, Our Majesty likes this dish very much, so it must be made every day.
It is made from freshly slaughtered dairy goats that were just brought in this morning from the farm in the E31 galaxy.”

Looking at the guard he explained.
“I swear, this dish for Your Excellency is the same as what His Majesty ate.”

The cook's second-in-command hesitated.
“The meat of the milk sheep is really strong…”

Herbivorous people won't eat this type of food, while carnivorous people had fangs that could easily tear off raw meat, not to mention this kind of cooked milk goat.
For them, this meat was just right in the mouth and very chewy.

Probably because this was common sense in life, so no one thought humans would not be able to bite?

When hearing their words, He Xile toes curled up and almost gouged out a castle on the ground.

Of course, he knew the chef wouldn't lie.

So, everyone here can bite this piece of meat, only he can't bite…

Isn't this too good?


Looking at the guard again, the chef cautiously and slowly stretched out his hand and removed the plate of meat, as if he was afraid that He Xile would see things.

I appreciate your thoughts.


For a moment, He Xile didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Looking at other dishes, he found that this was the only hard dish on the table that was pure meat.
He Xile liked to eat meat since he was on earth, and now his stomach was full of hunger, so he couldn't help asking in a low voice.
“Can you give me a better meat next time?”

“Of course!”

The chef immediately introduced the seasonal fresh meat to He Xile.
“I think these types may be more suitable for you to eat.
I will apply to His Majesty as soon as possible, and strive for today's lunch dishes, so that you can eat fresh and tender meat.”

Hearing this his eyes lit up, and said seriously, “Thank you!”

This planet's food tastes very different from Earth's.
Most of the food tastes bland and focuses more on the smell of food ingredients, so he guessed that this should be related to the second characteristic of interstellar people.

But he wasn't a picky eater.

After finishing the meal happily, he happily thanked the chef: “Thank you for the hospitality.”

The chef immediately replied, “As long as your Excellency likes it.”

While smiling, he thought to himself, 'This human is really well-behaved and good-tempered, even when eating such hard meat he didn't feel upset, and when smiling, there is a small pear swirl on his face, not to mention how cute!'

The guard took the wet wipes and prepared to wipe He Xile's hands.
He Xile couldn't stand being served in such an all-round way, so he took the initiative to take the wet wipes: “Thank you, but I can do it myself.”

The guard no longer insisted on it and handed the tissue to him.

He looked down at He Xile and saw that holding a wet wipe, slowly wiping his fingers clean one by one, very carefully, and couldn't help showing a smile on his perennially expressionless face.

After he finished wiping, the guard threw away the dirty wipes: “Your Excellency, let's go back.”

“Okay.” With that, he directly jumped off the stool.

Within a second the guard's pupils shrank slightly: “Be careful.”

He Xile waved his hand: “It's okay, It's only this high, so it's not difficult for me.”

Just as he neared the room, he saw a man dressed in fancy clothes hovering at the door of his room, whom he had never seen before.
The man seemed too anxious to stand still, from now and then he would walk two steps and glanced at the terminal in his hand.
When hearing the movement here, he immediately looked, with a trace of fanaticism in his eyes, and a bunch of hair on his head, suddenly stood up like a wire.

He Xile: “?!!”

What kind of animal is this?

“Your Excellency Human.”

With a loud exclamation, the man rushed over to the spot.

The guard who was following He Xile narrowed his eyes slightly and stepped forward from the side to stand directly in front of him in a defensive stance.

He Xile poked his head out, looked over the guard's tall body, and secretly looked at the man.

The man stopped almost half a meter away from the two of them.

After he stood firm, he stretched out his hand to straighten his clothes, and looked displeased at the guard who hid He Xile: “What do you mean? Don't you know me? Do you think I will bump into this honorable human?”

Humans were small in size, and their bodies look very weak, obviously not as good as them.

If he really hit him just now, it was estimated that this human being could return to the museum again.

The guard did not answer the man's question.

Instead, he bowed straightly: “Mr.
Jane, good day.”

The man called “Jane” gave a light hum, pulled away the guards, and when he looked at He Xile again, he seemed to change his face, and once again showed a warm spring-like smile, he bent down, held He Xile's wrist with both hands, and introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Jane, and I am the imperial costume designer in the palace.
Your Majesty sent me to measure your size.”

Just before, Jane Suddenly received a contact request from His Majesty's guards around, and after learning that His Majesty asked him to measure the human being who had suddenly come back to life and made a lot of noise in the interstellar world, so he sprinted into the palace.

——More active than when he was first invited by His Majesty.

He Xile said softly: “Hello, my name is He Xile.”

Jane couldn't stop nodding: “Hello, hello.”

He looked He Xile up and down, and was overwhelmed with excitement.

——The one standing in front of him is a living human being!

Although the clothes that this human being is wearing now…
really make Jane feel indescribable, and very much wanted to lie on his back and say “Ah, my eyes!”, but when thinking, this human's first set of clothes will be designed by him!

He might even go down in history!


Jane was so excited that he was about to pass out.

And could tolerate the flaw that the clothes on human beings were too ugly.

“Your Excellency, come into the room and let me admire your body!” He was very enthusiastic.

He Xile: “???”

Mom, help, this person speaks like a pervert!

The guard on the side, holding his forehead upon hearing the words.

He whispered to He Xile: “Your Excellency, please don't worry, I will be by your side.”

Jane immediately looked displeased.

But this time he didn't say anything.

He Xile nodded.

He was actually very relieved and didn't feel that Jane would hurt him.

——Although the fanaticism shown by the other party when he first appeared really made, He Xile a little overwhelmed, when hearing the other party say that His Majesty sent him here, He Xile relaxed.

He thought that he had only met at the door of the restaurant, and that his majesty hadn't even stopped to talk to him, but finding that he was wearing inappropriate clothes he had asked the designer to come over.

He Xile eyes curled up in a happy smile.

Although His Majesty looked fierce, and many people were afraid of him, he was a good person

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