After his death, Duth had only mourned as long as he could before seeing his cousin again. Still remembering the lich who broke her neck. Yet when you also die, mourning for life can quickly be forgotten. He saw his friends family and even pets again. The soul realm was certainly a hard one to explain. It didn have landscape or cities, no it had what the soul wanted. What it was content with. You could call it your own little paradise that gave you actual satisfaction from your happiness. Span that into eternity and anyone may actually find themselves content with their new ever changing reality.

He had no idea how long its been in the living world, as far as he could recall times in dimensions were different. Not that you can visit the soul realm with ease. Nor any realm for that matter. The energy required is to put in perspective.. insane, like planetary level. So how did the mortals access the soul realm and find ways to power their magics further?

He unfortunately didn know, in fact he wasn aware until a few of his long dead family members were pulled from the realm in a violent fashion of screaming and sheer agony. Oh yes, souls can hurt. Hard to do, but its possible. When it happens though, the pain is often enough to kill that soul.. Dead dont die twice, which means they have to go somewhere.. To his knowledge, they cease to exist. But that felt too erupt.

Duth stared at the tattered carpet in thought, in memories and the first meeting with an entity he had no name to put towards. Death? No, too vague. How about reaper.. Er.. Not quite, too out there and not exactly carrying a scythe.. Ah how about Gatekeeper? This only holds some water as he recalls trying to breach the soul realm and reach the mortal plane. Unfortunately he was stopped by this entity who promptly told him off, but after a bit of angry venting. He was cut a deal, what i now realize is the deal may not be worth it. No.. Stop it, its worth it, a price to pay for eradicating the scoundrels. They will meet his wrath with these dark powers, that he will personally make sure of.

The Gatekeeper said there was a cost to my actions, but i was too angry to ask and he didn supply the answer either. It wasn too much of a worry, but the way he said cost. That made Duth think like heavy cost deals. I can still hear his warnings. A deep thrumming that shakes the very fibers that make my soul. Even still I accepted. Now i want the answers to what cost I paid, but im too late.

I cannot believe i acted so rashly. Im normally calm, collected and thoughtful in my actions. Was it perhaps love that blinded me or something else? I suppose thinking deeply isn going to solve much right now. First i have questions that hopefully the system can answer.

With a deep sign he pulled up his stats and such. Before promptly asking. ”System i have questions that need answering, like whats the descriptions of my skills, passives and SP/**? ”

At first there was a delay, but soon enough when he surely thought this system had no ability to answer it proved him wrong quick. I need to stop being impatient..

[fire missile[Lv.1]: An arrow of flame, a sibling of the fireball, however it is much faster and controllable, the trade off is power and distance as it can only travel 12 meters. Mana required: 5

[raise dead[Lv.1]: Give you the ability to raise basic dead with hardly any cost to **. basic dead being skeleton and zombies. Required **: .5

[Harvest[Lv.1]: The ability to harvest ** and SP. by capturing, killing or using zombies of your creations you can harvest ** and SP by stripping the flesh and turning it into necron energies. Granted zombies only give .5 **. Mana Requirement: free]

[25% Magic Resistance]: Any and all magics with the except of holy items, holy magics or places will be negated for 25% of the damage.

[Soul life vision]: The ability to see auras of life no matter if there is an object or landscape between you and them, however this depends on how far, as a 1 mile radius is the max distance this can see. Does not work on undead.

[Mana Regen]: You gain mana much faster than normal. Each minute you gain 10 MP, this will vary upon level and other variables later on.

[Cold aura]: Your shadowed skeleton body gives of a feeling of intimidation and a cold winters air.]

[SP. Soul points are gathered by harvest. When 15 ** is gathered 1 SP will be generated. This can only be gathered by missions, quest, ** and other locked means.

[**. Soul mass, a substance that closely relates to necron energies. Few can control and harvest this ethereal material. That said ** is gathered through Harvest and perhaps other means should the system be upgraded. Much can be done with this material, that is up to the user of course.]

Duth almost felt overwhelmed by this. So much info, he shouldve asked separately! but now he knew and it took only a few moment to process the more important parts. Such as the three auras above him. As far as he could tell by feel and system. they were in his tomb.. his home.. and killing his troops.


Stone deeply groaned under the liches strength. A deep inhale forced the tomb to shutter and after the tomb shook. Debris cascading down the walls and ceilings. tremors and thundering sounds echoed.

Standing up a flicker in his eyes caused the torches within to grow.


Thuum, Thruum!

8 massive lids fell in succession from the pillars and their giant 9 foot coffins. 8 heavily clad knights stepped from them with burning crimson just behind their helmets. Each decked in black and heavy steel armor, glowering runes barely lighting up their armors. its as if he looked at 8 eclipses at once. each held a long sword that looked wickedly sharp in the fires light. any human would shudder at these knights. Looking at them his system popped up a menu of troops within his range at the moment. these 8 each had the same name.

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

[Death knight[Lv.15]

OH, wow. he didn expect this. he maybe weak, but these guys were stronger. He couldnt believe the head start he got here, it will be easier given this world didnt have an average warrior that could fight Death knights.

Now its time for the harvest..

Necron energies swirled around him as 8 knights followed him out of the throne room and into his tomb..

I suppose its best to say this, all those death knights will be named soon. I didnt want to skip out on any stories, nor will this book be going the same speed it had before.

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