I quietly looked into Siegfried’s eyes.


Siegfried stroked my hair rather clumsily.


“I’m not so busy that I can’t even have a meal with you, so don’t worry about it.”




Are you caring about me right now?


Just when I was rolling my eyes.


Countess Ghiberti quickly intervened in the conversation.


“Don’t worry too much, I’m taking care of Lady Tatiana directly myself.”


While giving strength to the word “directly” on purpose, the countess bent her eyes wide and smiled.


‘Ah-ha, I see.’


I managed to suppress the sigh that was about to burst out involuntarily, and I swallowed it.


So, is that it?


You want to pretend to take good care of me in front of Siegfried?


The countess continued with a voice as soft as cotton wool.


“You don’t have to force yourself to set aside time to spend time with the Miss.”


Then Siegfried looked at the countess as if she were talking nonsense.


“No, I want to spend time with Tatiana.”


“…… What?”


“I am grateful that my aunt is considerate of me, but I do not expect the child to be a hindrance to me.”


Tidying up the files and handing them over to the attendant, Siegfried shook his head resolutely.


“So, I hope you don’t say that in the future.”


“That, that…….”


“Even children have ears to hear.
What are you going to say if she misunderstands that?”


Apparently, Countess Ghiberti was at a loss for words, seeing as her mouth closed like a seashell.


Whether that was the case or not, Siegfried only looked back at me with a strangely eager gaze.


“Tonight’s dinner is chicken cream stew.”




So what?


I looked at Siegfried from a distance.


“When we returned to the Empire the other day, you ate Cesar’s cream stew well.”


Siegfried, who had started like that, swept his chin down and talked to himself.


“Didn’t you say, ‘the cream stew that Cesar cooked for me is the best’?”


Did I say that?


Honestly, I don’t remember at all……..


However, Siegfried’s voice was already heated.


“But the chef of our townhouse is also very talented.”




“I promise.
The stew you’re going to eat today will taste much better than the cream stew made by Cesar.”


…… Somehow, it seems that Siegfried feels a subtle rivalry with Cesar.
Is this my imagination?


No, more than that.


I felt a cold sweat running down my spine.


Hey, it’s nice of you to be nice to me….
But isn’t Countess Ghiberti staring at me like she’s going to eat me right now?


Siegfried, are you serious?




After that–


After waiting for a while, countless dishes filled the table.
Freshly baked white soft bread and a hot cream stew.
From butter that shines golden, to various jams and drinks that smell sweet.


It looked so delicious that my mouth was watering just by looking at it!


‘Mm, it smells good.’


While sniffing, I glanced sideways at Countess Ghiberti, who was sitting next to me.


The only inconvenient thing is…….


‘Why is the countess eating with us?’


Countess Ghiberti was also present with us.


I think it’s because she’s Siegfried’s aunt.


‘I’m not going to get an upset stomach, am I?’


Afraid of making eye contact with the Countess, I glanced toward the dining table.


Then there was one thing I found.


‘Oh, it’s children’s tableware.’


There was small tableware that fit a child’s hand perfectly.


‘Why are you so considerate?’


…… I looked at the countess again while thinking that, but I stopped looking.


The countess frowned in annoyance!


‘Well, that’s right.’


I opened my eyes narrowly.


It seems that this children’s tableware was not left by the countess.




Just in time, Siegfried called me.


I straightened my posture and looked at Siegfried.




“Do you feel uncomfortable or need anything?”




I was troubled for a while.


To be honest, I have never seen a place as pleasant and comfortable as this townhouse.


I can affirm that there is no inconvenience or dissatisfaction.


Well, that’s true, but…….


“There is nothing uncomfortable, but there’s something I want to do.”


When I opened my mouth while looking around, Siegfried responded with, “What do you want to do? What is it?”


“Going to the library.”


Maybe my answer was unexpected because Siegfried looked caught off guard.






I nodded.


Actually, it was a reasonable request from my point of view.
After all, my top priority was to survive.


In order to do that, it’s essential not only to warm up the warriors as much as possible to secure a safe life, but to awaken myself as the demon king…..


‘Siegfried is a warrior who killed high-ranking demons who pretended to be the demon king.’


If it’s a library of such a heroic warrior family, wouldn’t there be some materials that can help to awaken as the demon king?


With that anticipation, I stared at Siegfried with shining eyes.


“Won’t you let Tati go to the library?”


Then Siegfried narrowed his brows and asked me.


“Why do you want to go to the library?”




I rolled my eyes away from his eyes, thinking rapidly.


I’d like to make some super strong move here to convince Siegfried….


Ah, that’s it!


“I want to be a useful child.”


What do you think? You’re proud of me, aren’t you?


I am such a grown-up child.
I just felt a strain on my shoulder for no reason.


At the same time, Siegfried’s expression hardened slightly.


“…… A useful child?”


If I become smart after reading a book, I can help Siegfried, too.”


Will I get points for this answer? Am I right?


By the way–


“What are you talking about?” Siegfried asked me in an impatient tone.


Something is wrong with the reaction.




I gulped down my dry saliva.


Doesn’t it seem like Siegfried is a little upset?


“A four-year-old child will study because she wants to help me?”


“No, uh, um…….”


Don’t you have anything else to say when you say that?


At the same time, Siegfried concluded his words firmly.


“What is a library? At your age, you can play a little.”


No, wait a minute!


Siegfried seemed to be about to end the conversation, so I was startled.


Don’t I have to go to the library?


Aside from being useful to the warriors, I have to awaken as the Demon King!!


“I-I still want to go to the library….
can’t I?”


I eventually clung to Siegfried, closing my eyes tightly.


After a rare show of stubbornness, the pensive look on Siegfried’s face deepened even more.


After thinking for a while, he asked me back.


“Do you know the letters in the first place? You need to know how to write to read a book.”




I stumbled.


Come to think of it, I’m four years old, right?


That’s right, it’s about time for ordinary children to learn how to write and read, but…..


“Yes, my mother told me before.”




After casually looking around, Siegfried’s face darkened again.




I closely observed Siegfried’s expression.


For some reason, Siegfried seems to tend to become a bit upset when the topic of ‘mother’ or, more precisely, ‘parents’ comes up.

Is it because I’m an orphan?


Even if he were not a warrior, his character would still be really good.


“First of all…… I get it.”


In the end, it was Siegfried who raised the white flag.


“I allow you to go to the library.
However, you should not overdo it.”


“Thank you!”


I was very excited.


But there was someone who poured cold water on such an atmosphere.


“Well, my lord.”


It was Countess Ghiberti!


Siegfried raised his eyebrows and stared at the countess with a look of “Do you have anything to say?”.


The countess seemed a bit nervous, but she still continued.


“There are many valuable books in the library of the townhouse.”


“So what?”


“Miss Tatiana is still young, so I’m worried that she might damage a precious book while handling it.”


“… … .”


At those words, Siegfried stared at the countess with a strange look.

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