ster by his side, Biern calmly grabbed the glass of water.
The water droplets that had condensed on the surface of the glass flowed down the long, smooth fingers.

The charity party was a success.

When it became known that the queen, who was respected and loved by the whole kingdom, was attending, ladies from the social circles rushed to Schwerin.
The corner of the mouth of the head of the Royal Hospital, moved by the amount of mercy they had demonstrated with their donations, showed no sign of going down.

Great food and music, and social celebrities who have graced the guest list.
It was a party with dignity enough that the Queen’s attendance would not be in vain.
The sacrifice of the Grand Duke, who gave up his sleep to escort the Queen, was also not in vain.
It’s not a bad spring weekend.
Except for Princess Louise, who whizzes around like an angry bee.

“Brother, please, correct the mistake now.

Louise now began to speak in a tone that seemed to appease even a child.
Louise, who was also Gladys’s friend, supported Biern’s marriage more fervently than anyone else.
After a tumultuous divorce, she turned into a more ferocious critic than anyone else.

“Of course, it’s not the kind of fault that can be forgiven, but if Gladys forgives, I’m sure the two of… … .”

“The Duchess of Heine.”

Biern put down the glass of water and cut off his sister’s words.
Unlike his smiling lips, his eyes and tone were calm enough to give a sense of ingenuity.

“It seems that the duke is looking for his wife, but how about returning to your husband’s side?”

Biern blinked and pointed to the Duke of Heine, who was sneaking through the crowds of ladies beyond the hall.
Louise licked her lips a few times, but with a deep sigh, replaced the unspeakable words.

When Louise reluctantly left, Biern got up.
After a brief break, the band now began to play the waltz.

Biern leisurely passed among the ladies who threw their eyes at the coexistence of vigilance and anticipation.
The terrace leading to the garden was crowded with men coming out to smoke cigars.

“Biern! here!”

Seeing a familiar face beckoning, Biern turned towards it.
The crowd that normally should have been engrossed in a nonsensical discussion was quiet today.
Some of the dogs were sipping their drinks with somber faces that looked like they were about to burst into tears at any moment.

“The investment failed.”

said Peter, who held out a glass filled with amber brandy.
Biern leaned at an angle to the railing and took a glass of wine.


“I invested in foreign bonds, but it was a scam or something.”

Peter clicked his tongue and delivered the tragic news.
Only lightly frowned, Biern showed no reaction.
It seemed that the number of idiots caught up in the fanciful investment craze that had stirred up other social clubs for a while was greater than expected.

“Thank you, my lord.
Thanks to you, I am alive.”

Peter, who moved closer to Biern, lowered his voice and whispered.

After receiving the investment information that appeals to his ears, he went straight to Schwerin Palace.
Because the orthodoxy of the social circles that Prince Biern must have had a gift from God, at least in two fields: women and money.

That day, after hearing the explanation from Peter, who was excited, Biern summarized the situation with a concise answer.

Sick bastard.

How insulting was that mundane word with a low and low voice.
Peter Bergen almost committed a serious crime of assaulting the royal family.
If it had been an opponent that could have been defeated, it would have certainly been.

But how about…

For a moment, he had to protect his property in exchange for becoming an asshole, so there was nothing that he couldn’t bear.
Besides, didn’t he see a pretty big profit by investing in a steel company with the information he got from beating Biern? Just thinking about it made Peter feel like he could fall in love with that unlucky prince.

How much did Biern earn as he earned that level of income, who only barely tasted it after entering the water? Anyway, one of the talents of rolling money was certain to be something close to a gimmick.
It was one of the important reasons for continuing this friendship by enduring it even if it was dirty and disrespectful.

“You must catch it by all means, Biern! It’s a serious crime with no one or two victims.
isn’t it?”

The heir of a countess, who made eye contact with Biern, began to weep and recite the names of the scammers.
Most of them were children of noble families who were members of the fraternity, but there were also some rather strange names mixed in.

“Viscount Hardi lost almost all of his fortune.
He’s on the verge of committing suicide with a pistol right now?”

The tedious grumbling ended with an unfamiliar name, perhaps the most serious idiot.

After smoking a cigar, Biern turned towards the garden over the railing.
Through the hazy smoke, the colorful spring flowers with the water rising to the fullest were seen.

Biern’s gaze, who was slowly admiring the scenery, suddenly stopped on the flower bed full of small white flowers.

Lily of the valley.

Biern’s eyes narrowed as he remembered the name of the flower.
The bouquet Gladys wore at the wedding.
Thanks to this, the lily of the valley, which was nicknamed the flower of the Crown Princess, was loved enough to cause a shortage for a while.
Of course, its popularity faded in less than a year.

Come to think of it, it was the flower that adorned the hat of the austere woman he saw at the station.
That lily of the valley that has long since passed the fashion.

Biern hummed the waltz from the hall and let out the long cigarette smoke once more.

No wonder.

Leaving the lily of the valley flower bed without any regrets, his gaze was now on the white moon hanging over the night sky.

Even if he glanced at it, there was no luck.

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