The Professionalism (BL)

\"The first meeting\"

Quiet doors, light but quick marching and a four rolling wheeled bed. Panting, sweating and grinding of teeth as a woman in bed squailed in pain.

”How much longer? ”

”Almost there ”

”keep up the phase! People! ”

”you are doing good mother ”

”inhale, exhale ”

”control your breathing ”

A wide door opened as the arrival of the team. They transferred the agonizing woman to a bed and positioned her in to lithotomy.

”Prepare for the baby, the dilation keeps on increasing ”

”Nurse Mole, prepare for the neonate ”

”noted Doc ”

Its been 2 hours in delivery room of true labor but the baby hasn come. IV kept on monitoring, Blood pressure and the fetal heart rate were being observe.

”If this keeps up for the next hours, well probably do a C section ” one nurse whispered.

”I see crowning! ” everyone in the room was on guard. Expectantly and eager to help the mother in pain for almost 10 hours.

Suddenly, a large piece of blob was cast out from the mother. ”BABY IS OUT! ” the doctor shouted.

”time! 10:35 pm! ”

Immediately, the Doctor handed the baby to Nurse Mole. He found it strange that the baby was not crying.

”Doc. I think , we have a situation here. ” The Doctor looked at the other nurse, confused.

”Theres still a fetal heart beat detected ”

”Shes having a twin! ”

Nurse Mole Wiped, Warmed and Suctioned the baby but there were no sign of distress. He was alarmed by it and so…

”Doc! The baby is not crying ”

”Doc! the mother slowly decreasing blood pressure ”

The room was filled with tension. For 1 patient who entered the room ,changed in to 3 unwell patients. Interns and student nurses were feeling the pressure.

In a fraction of seconds, Mole remembered something. He thought of a way to show off his years on the field of nursing and the quality of nurses produced in the Philippines.

”Doc. Lets do the pinoy style ”

Suddenly, the Doctor nodded.

Mole focused on the neonate while the Doctor focuses on the mother and the other baby.

Nurse Mole performed a CPR appropriate for the neonate with light and gentle touches, without compromising the health of the baby.

The baby cried after a few minutes, Mole was relieved and the other people inside the room were also relieved.

After that, Mole gave the neonate to the other Nurse to continue the care then proceeded to help the Doctor.

”Increase the drop factor by 5 ”

”I can see the baby ”

”we can do this mother! ”

”push! push! push! ”

The mother kept on pushing as her sweat falls like a river. Her skin was off color and her lips were pale. The face of excruciating labor is intense.


”Time! 12:15pm ”

Suddenly, the patient undergo to Hypovolemic shock. Mole ran and took some blood from the bank. While he was away, other nurses accommodate the patient and the babies.

When things were getting peaceful, they immediately perform an Immediate post partum care to the patient and the babies. So, When Mole went back, He saw that everything was fine.

”Heres the blood ”

”Nurse Mole, lets go and meet the husband ”

”Doc. Ill collect some data on them after she becomes unconscious. ”

They met the husband and was glad that he becomes a father. There was nothing serious reportedly so he was relieved.

After a busy day, Nurse Mole endorsed the patient to the next shift. He changed his uniform and called his friend. He was speaking in Filipino. Few of the people in the hospital understood him.

”Hey! ”

”Hey Mole, whats an update living in Thailand? ”

”Well… tomorrow is my break and Im planning to go to a safari ”

”Alone? ”

”As if Ill die of loneliness ” he chuckles

”ok, fine, Mr. INDEPENDENT ” his friend teased him.

”then what about Mrs. DEPENDENT ”

”I need a break! Ill die of boredom here ”

”what about your kids? ” Mole was busy on the phone walking, passing by his co worker and signaling them a farewell.

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