The Professionalism (BL)

\"Catch the mouse\"

A muscular topless guy woke up from the bed , half naked. He woke up around 4AM.

He opens the curtain walls as a big bright window city view greeted him.

He was standing , facing the beautiful view of Bangkok and stretches his muscular bed body.

After warming up, he went for a quick rinse and wore a fitted GYM sleeves and slimmed pants.

He went for a quick breakfast with oats and protein shake. After eating, he wore his fancy running shoes.

He went for a jog, wearing an unnoticed clothing, knowing that he is a celebrity.

While jogging, he saw a stray cat. ”Meow ” the cat cries from starvation. He quickly went for a small grocery shop and fed the cat.

”eat slowly ” He petted its head. ”Im sorry, I can take you with me but I know someone ” he took his phone and dialed a person.

”Mr. Tuxedo, sir? ”

”I would like you to take care of this stray cat ”

”what cat sir? ”

He took a picture of an eating cat and send its location. ”on my way sir ” he ended the phone and left the cat knowing that someone will take it.

7:30 AM when he went home. He took a shower and ate a decent breakfast that he ordered at a restaurant.

While eating , he was reviewing his script. 9:40AM he went to the hospital, hoping that he can hear a good news from the people he assigned to search for the nurses fitted for his father.

He knew that there are no scene for him yet so he took this chance for him to focus on something else.

Sadly, the reports were tedious. none from the three, he found favor.

Stressed out, a sight of a pediatric nurse caught his attention. A lingering words from his father about a certain nurse knocks on his brain.

Doubting, he was thinking that this nurse could be a good health care provider for his father and might persuade his father about the DNR.

But his hope for this nurse was only a small chance. He was doubting of taking a risk for a small chance that could bring something big or prolonged his father.

11AM, visiting his fathers room. He saw him sleeping peacefully. He doesn want to bother him so he just sat there as he watches his father snoring.

From a small table, he saw a paper bag that was a gift of his father for that nurse.

”Trust me, youll learn a lot from him. Even I , of my old age learned a lot from him. ”

He remembered the lingering voice of his father. He may not trust the nurse but he trusted his father knowing that he is the only one in his family beside his auntie and his relatives .

11:30AM, he saw the nurse, tiredly in the hallway. He took a deep breath and walked straight forward to him.

”Here ” he handed a small paper bag, avoiding eye contact because he was so embarrassed the way they met each other.

”Just take it! That was the gift from my father. He asked me to handed this to you. ”

”thank you?! ” Mole replied, Tuxedo toughen up and tried to buy some time for him to discuss something.

”Can I asked you for a coffee, I have something to discussed with you about business. ” Again, he was avoiding eye contact.

Suddenly, a white coated man showed up. Dr. Phun heard a conversation. ”He already have an appointment with me. ”

Tuxedo thought that Nurse Mole was being owned by an overly possessive boyfriend.

Thinking it was very unprofessional and yet doesn want to meddle with their affairs but purely business.

”Im just going to discussed a few business related to him. I won interfere with any relations you have ”

”I don care but hes with me for 24 hours, he is not allowed to leave my side according to the admins ” The Doctor butted in.

The hope decreased and yet desperate for a small chance, wholehearted to risk, he desperately took it and fought for it. He didn care about the other people but he fought for it against the Doctor.

They followed Mole to the nursing office as they debate on each other. Conflicting arguments that doesn involves with physical violence.

An agitated nurse sprang up between them. ”Just SHUT UP! ”

”You! ” pointing at Dr. Phun. ”You have patients waiting so don waste your FREAKING precious time ”

”and you! ” next one was Tuxedo ”Ill be in touch with you AFTER my duty! ”

”What about my coffee appointment ”

”Shut up! you have work, we can move your coffee appointment when Im not busy anymore. ”

The two men looked at him in shock. They stopped in arguing as they saw how stressed Nurse Mole was.

”Now, if we don have anything to discuss, Dismissed! ” Mole looked at them waiting for them to leave.

This gave an impact to Tuxedo, he saw the toughness of the small chance that he clings for. He saw in the eyes of the nurse the fire he was looking for.

The reality with no fake smiles, no fake characters and no forged papers.

”What are you waiting for? I said dismissed! ” they snapped out from their statue state and left.

For the time being, he went for a GYM to relieve . It is how he cope up with things in his life. He zoned out as he move his body, thinking the possibility of having such nurse like Mole.

It wasn a futuristic possibilities but the conflict from his records and his performance.

He always tried to learn something about the person before that person be able to work for him. He is meticulous in choosing a person especially when it come to his family.

Hours passed, he waited outside the hospital with his black Porsche car. He started to wait from 5PM to 7PM but there were no sign of a nurse. He was losing his patience when he decided to fetch him

He went to see the nurse, hoping that he was ready to go home. Instead, he saw nurse Mole sitting on his desk talking with other staffs.

A nurse saw him , thinking that he might be a clients relative. ”yes sir! How may I help you? ”

”Can you call Nurse Mole ”

”Why sir? Anything in particular? ”

”I have a meeting with him, its a business related terms ”

”hold on sir ”

The nurse called out Nurse Mole, He was shocked as he saw Tuxedo standing. He talked fast to his co worker, signaling Tuxedo for 5 more minutes then he immediately went for a change.

”Im sorry about that, I was having an endorsement for the next shift and discussing as well, their assignments. ”

”I thought youll be finished earlier ”

”Well, there was an accident happened so theres an injured children involved. I have to act since , I was assigned to the pediatric department. ”

”We can have coffee now, how about dinner? ”

”sounds great! ”

”At what place? ”

”Its not a date, stupid. Just choose wherever. Im not picky ” Mole teased him.

They went to a restaurant a bit far from Moles place. Tuxedo had a reservation, he rented out for a whole day for no reason.

”Wheres everybody? Whats with the empty chairs? ”

”I rented the whole place ” He said. Mole looked at him with big widen eyes. ”Rich people ” he said.

”lets discuss about business ” eager to start, Mole halted him. ”You know, its dinner so let us order, eat and talk. ”

”Isn it eating while talking is prone of choking and it is not professional to do? ”

”Listen, eating together as a family helps to talk or discuss things through.

Theres a manner in our country in the Philippines that you don walk away, you don fight in front of the foods.

We believe that the blessing of food will run away. Hence, poverty and famine will come.

In other words, you don turn your back in the table where there is food. You face it, discuss it, solve it if possible. That! strengthens your family. ”

”I don see the connection ”

”if you want for a person to open up, eat together, discuss it. You will see the true nature of the person while eating ”

”ok?! ” Tuxedo doesn understand what Mole was trying to say. But for the sake, they ordered together.

”While we are waiting for the food, you may now discuss. ” Tuxedo relaxed and took out a few papers.

”What are those? ”

”these are your records and some background about you. ”

”you have those because? ”

”I had a background check about you. ”

”and you are stalking me because? ”

”First of all, I did not stalk you. This is pure business. Second, I need to know the person who takes care of our health. ”

A man came to them with plates and drinks. ”Here you go sir. ” He said as he place the dishes and serve them with drinks.

”Yehey! Lets eat! ” gullible Mole said. Hes enthusiast with different dishes that was served. He has an adventurous tongue.

Tuxedo looked at him in a weird way. Thinking how kid like Mole was acting. ”As I was saying, can you tell something about yourself? ”

”excuse me? ” Mole surprisingly holding the noodles in his mouth, confused at him.

He slurped the noodles and chew a little then he swallowed it down. ”you shouldve chew more ” Tuxedo said worriedly.

”Let me clarify this, This is not a date. You said that this is a business related meeting so I came in. ”

”This is! Business related. I am asking you, can you tell me something about yourself? ”

”what is this? Kind a like an interview for a job? ”

”Yes! And I am particular about it. Thats why I made a background check on you. ”

”Wait a minute, I did not sign up for any job interviews. Im still working as a nurse. ”

Mole kept on eating while having a conversation with him. Mole was feeling confused about this business meeting with an artist.

”But, Im trying to hire you ”

”try to hire me? NO! ”

”What? ”

”I said no ”

”Why? don you want to work with a good salary, favorable schedule for taking care just one patient? ”

”For starters, Im not a money centered person. Second, I did not sign up for this, I recommend and I am clear with my recommendation of nurses who can do the work that you asked for. ”

”and none of them passed to my liking. ”

”and you fond of me? ”

”YES! ”

”What makes you say that? ”

”because people kept on pointing it out to you! ”

”oh really? ”

”YES! Both patients and other workers recommended you! ”

Mole was quietly listening as he chowed down foods served on his plate.

”Which I find it odd ”

”odd? ”

Tuxedo took out few papers hidden in his bag. He showed some of the certification, backgrounds and even the achievements that Mole attained.

”These are weird. You did not forged it right? ”

”Yeah and so? ”

”These show how you did not excel academically ”


”You have a low marks ”

”Passing grades ”

”You have no participation in any clubs ”

”Meh, at least I have rest ”

”You took twice your licensure exam and you even fought with teachers! ”

”yup, definitely me ” Mole whispered.

”BUT WHY! Why do people recommend you? Why do they looked up on you? What makes you different from those people that you recommended to me? ”

”Are you done? ” Mole asked in a calm voice. Tuxedo nodded as he took a sip on his cup.

”you see. Those papers can be forged as what you have said. Those papers are just written text about me but not detailed ones. But let me ask you, why are you hiring me? ”

”Because I trust my father ”

”did he asked you to hire me? ”

”No but- ”

”No, Does that means you want someone that has a low stature? Does that mean you have a low standard? ”

”Yes! ”

”Ouch! You know you couldve just lie ”

”Sorry, but Im risking a last chance ”

”then tell me, Why should you hire me? ”

Tuxedo was silent. He was thinking that he should be the one to ask Mole of why should we hire you? question.

This is quite new for Tuxedo and astonishingly rhetorical from their position as the one being hired and the one who is hiring.

While Tuxedo was being silent, Mole stood up because he already finished his meal. ”Wheres your assistant? ”

Tuxedo looked at him and said ”Hes working ”

”What about your manager? ”

”Hes preparing for tomorrows shooting. ”

”Isn too much for you to have people , taking care of your things? ”

”My assistant was given to me to help and be prepared of my fathers business while my manager is my real helper. ”

”you should give them a rest ” Mole was about to left but Tuxedo answered.

”They have their rest! ” Mole looked at him. ”Ill give you a week to make me say yes. ”


”Again, Im not a money centered person. You are smarter than this. Well, thats what I want to think of you. ”

He left Tuxedo from the restaurant having a full stomach. He went to a public transportation to go home.

His place is far from the venue.


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