It seems that the nanny went back without knowing what she had done. 


Vikir, who was stunned for a moment, soon understood the situation. 


“Come to think of it, there were often cases where babies suddenly died in the nursery.” 


Children with outstanding abilities and extraordinary abilities from birth were more likely to die prematurely. 


Up until now, he had thought that it was a different world than his own, and that it was just an accidental death, an assassination from an enemy, or bad luck. 


But looking at it now, the situation is not very good. 


The black hand that was aiming at the nursery was clearly reaching out from within the family. 




Two bloody mambas are approaching this way. 


Its reddish brown mouth seemed to be already covered in blood. 


Otherwise, all the children in this nursery could be slaughtered. 


If that happens, a  catastrophe unprecedented in the history of the Baskervilles will occur. 



Well, that's not bad either.' 


There is no such thing as attachment to the family. 


But if the ruin begins with you, it becomes a problem. 


Vikir stretched out his hand. 


Going through the era of destruction, the demons have been attacked and killed countless times. 



He had dealt with reptilian-type monsters, especially those in the shape of snakes, and, of course, he was well aware of its weaknesses. 


Even the body of a newborn baby was enough. 




Vikir reached out and grabbed one viper each hand. 


The place where he caught was exactly near the nape of the neck. 


Where the snake's teeth do not reach. 


Rather, the snakes that have been pre-attacked struggle with confusion. 


They tried with their sharp scales to pierce him, but Vikir's body was already hardened by the protection of the Styx River, so it was no big deal. 


Even if it's teeth, scales don't cause a single scratch. 


At the same time.
Vikir used the mana of his whole body. 


The mana barrel, which had been empty since birth, had filled up quite a bit.


It was the result of breathing in the river Styx to the limit. 




Both fists began to emit twinkling lights. 


The babies in the nursery gathered here can only reach it in the next 8 years. 


That's what Vikir did when he was less than eight months old. 




The bodies of the two vipers stiffen. 


It is the providence of the wild that the body becomes dull when it encounters a higher predator. 



The two vipers felt an unprecedented fear from the milking child in front of them, and they stiffened their scales. 


Before long, Vikir's mana-infused hand violently twisted the necks of the t wo vipers. 




The skin and the flesh underneath were still intact, but the bones supporting them were broken. 


The two vipers each opened their mouths wide. 


The pressure caused their eyeballs and their tongue to stick out. 



The two vipers with broken necks trembled at that moment and died pouring out dung and urine. 


Poisonous poison was dripping from the tip of the exposed fangs. 


next day. 


At the sound of the first nanny to came to work, all the guards in the family gathered in the common nursery room. 


Two broken-necked vipers were held in Vikir's hands, while he was smiling brightly. 



When the Guardian Knights saw that it was the bloody mamba, the infamous poison of the 'Red and Black' mountain, they were astonished to the point that their eyes popped out. 


Even though it was a snake with its fangs being pulled out, it is still a great tragedy that such a monster was found in the nursery. 


Within a few minutes, the incident reached Hugo, who was at his hometown, and he ran straight to the parenting department that way. 


Afterwards, all the nanny who stood on the night shift were tortured and executed, and strict vigilance was established in the nursery. 


The culprit that released the poison was never found. 


But only one person. 


A young hound, who could only speak, saw through all the truth. 


A legendary child who slipped through the cradle of the stinger in the shortest time since he was born, and swam in the Styx River for the longest time. 


Vikir Van Baskerville. 


He just sits quietly in his cradle, waiting for his time. 


A moment to pay off the debt, a time for revenge. 



And 8 years have passed since then. 

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