Eight years have passed. 



Vikir van Baskerville was eight years old, and, like the children of the Baskervilles, he was taking various classes. 



the tutor asked. 



“Okay, one last question.
How did you say that the status of a swordsman was distinguished?” 



Vikir answered with a calm expression. 



“Regardless of the proficiency of swordsmanship, 'Sword Beginner' is a swordsman who does not know how to put mana on a sword, 'Sword Expert', who knows how to put mana on the tip of a sword, but the aura that he created by doing this is as fragile as a plane.
The state where the aura that rises from the sword becomes sticky and dense like a liquid is called a 'sword graduator', 

and the state where the aura becomes hard like a solid and can change its shape at the will of the caster is called a 'sword master'.” 



Of course, all of these are separated for convenience. 



Basically, combat is affected by numerous factors such as health, terrain, climate, humidity, gravity, experience, and mana density in the atmosphere. 



You can calculate it, but when you do the calculation, the result will already be different. 



But the calculations for 8-year-olds aren't that complicated yet. 



When Vikir answered without interruption, the other children around them raised their hands as if competing, shouting beep beep. 



“If a beginner and an expert fight, the expert wins!” 



“If you fight an expert and a graduator, the graduator wins!” 



“Master is stronger than Graduator!” 



“And the Lord is the Master!” 



Vikir was silently listening to the children around him. 



The words of one of the guys stabbed in the chest. 



“The Lord is the Master!” 



Hugo Les Baskerville, head of the Baskervilles. 



As a wizard, he possesses a whopping 7 circles of mana. 



However, as a master of swordsmanship, he replaced mana with an aura and used it on a sword, and it is said that the realm of it is reached in the world-renowned sword master. 


said the tutor. 



Hugo, the supreme member of the Baskerville family, is a sword master.
This is a level that only seven people have reached in this country, and the heads of each of the seven generations correspond to this.” 



Of course, this is a fact that Vikir already knew. 



He even knew that there were several more powerful Sword masters both inside and outside the Empire. 



This is information that no one knows at this point. 

Vikir was thinking hard on something by himself. 



The tutor's gaze had been on Vikir like that from before. 



“He is a great man.” 



Truly an overwhelming talent, almost violent at this point. 



It remains a small legend for the family to dive for more than 7 minutes in the River Styx as a child who was only 100 days old. 



But not only the body is superior



Although it was covered by the extraordinary of his body, his brain was also so bright that there was no rival among his peers in the family. 


Dare to say, 'it is a talent that can awaken a hundred' 



'The Lord must be happy today.' 



He was going to report all this to Hugo. 



It is Hugo who is not interested in the rest of the children unless it is the el dest son and the second son. 




Hugo, who just stopped by occasionally like a livestock wholesaler and acted as if he was recording the growth and value of livestock he has been interested in the Castle over the past few years. 



Of course, because of Vikir. 



It was extremely unusual for Hugo to come to this infant castle, a place where only children under the age of 10 are brought together to raise children together. 



“Thank you, Master.
I will assist him with all my might.' 



Thanks to Vikir, the budget increased a lot, and his position compared to other knights in the family increased, so everyone was looking at Vikir with favorable eyes. 



Of course, Vikir himself was not interested, though. 



After class, the children were going back to their rooms all over the castle. 



Vikir was now looking back at himself. 



‘Hugo is a Master, right?' 


Unfortunately, that's true. 



Its density and rigidity were different from the 'solid aura' that only the master could express, and the 'sticky liquid' aura he had as a senior graduator. 






Grid his teeth. 



‘ In this life, I will never live or die so meanly.’ 



‘At least before the coming-of-age ceremony, he will recover all his power’ 



He is currently 8 years old. 



The state of Vikir had reached the advanced level of Sword Expert without anyone knowing. 



In the previous life, it was a level that he had barely achieved when he was 20 year s old. 



Before returning, it was said that he had risen to the advanced level of Sword Expert at the age of the terms. 



In fact, by the standards of the public, this was a great thing that could be called a genius but within the Baskervilles, it was average or slightly less than that. 



Usually, children of the Baskervilles knock on the door of the Sword Expert by the age of 20, and the Graduator by the age of 30. 



If you can put  the 'liquid aura’ on the tip of the sword in that way, you will rise to the position of an executive from here. 


Even the elites of the Baskerville family, who are said to be geniuses among geniuses, reached it at the age of 20, the threshold of the advanced level of Sword Expert. 



But Vikir was stepping on it now at the age of eight. 



At an age when he had never felt mana for the first time in his previous life. 



This is a level that even the super elite within the family would not dare to teach. 



When Vikir is feeling a new emotion. 






He heard a call from behind. 



Looking for the source, he turned his head to see three children from the 9-yea r-old class. 



Hiro Re Baskerville, Viro Re Baskerville, Loro Re Baskerville. 



The middle name of 'Re' received by a boy of direct lineage, and the middle name of 'Ra' received by a girl. 



So the three there were direct descendants of the Baskervilles. 



The pedigree is very clear. 



Quite clichédly, the eldest Hiro, who was at the forefront, started coming towards Vikir. 



“Half garbage, where are you going?” 


“Where are you going?” 



“Where are you going?” 



If the guy in front spears, the two guys in the back spear. 



It was truly a nine-year-old quarrel. 



Well, anyway, since the Baskervilles are thorough talent-oriented and skillful, this won't happen when you get a little older. 



However, the reason why Vikir was paying close attention to the triplets in front of him was another. 



Hugo Baskerville's trident.' 



In 10 more years, they will grow into quite troublesome enemies. 



In fact, before returning, there are three hunting dogs who relentlessly pursued Vikir, who escaped through the siege, and laid out their stings. 



'By the way, these guys have been tormenting me a lot since I was a kid.' 



The growth rate of Vikir as a child was very slow because he was robbed of his meals. 



During various evaluations, he secretly walked on his feet or wielded a blind sword, and he also performed a lot of evil. 



As a result, he was slightly limp and almost died on various missions. 






A ghastly color of blood leaked from Vikir's eyes. 



Whether you know it or not, the triplets, just nine years old, giggled at Vikir. 



“Hey crap, you said you were submerged for seven minutes in the River Styx? And strangled two vipers in the cradle? What a bluff.
Where does an eight-year-old lie!” 







The most vicious of the three, took a step forward. 



“Can you do this?” 


At the same time, a small sphere glows faintly on its palm. 



Children of the Baskerville family are exceptional in mana sensitivity and operational ability. 



It is already possible to collect mana in a circle. 



It seemed that they could not put it on the sword yet, but this was enough to be praised as a genius in the world. 



Of course, even within the Baskervilles, they can be praised for being quite talented. 



“If it's a talent, then this is a talent.
Hurry up you too! Let's see how many mana chunks you make.” 








The triplets continued to push Vikir. 



Vikir looked at the lump of mana that Loro had made. 



A sphere of mana the size of a child's fist. 



Yeah, at that age, it was good at that level. 



But Vikir did that at the age of eight months. 



When he strangled two vipers in his cradle. 



Since the mana proficiency of 8 years after the regression has been added t o the 30 years before the regression, where does the state reach? 



Vikir looked around once. 



There is not much to worry about in this 'Little Canine Castle', where only children live. 



The few guardian knights and tutors are all out to the outer castle now. 






Vikir manifested his power. 



Vikir raises his palms high and gathers mana. 



Seeing this, the triplets' faces turned into astonishment. 



Nothing was created on Vikir's palm. 

The triplets looked dazed for a moment, then began to laugh loudly. 



“Ahahahaha, you idiot! Could it be that you didn't even respond to mana until you were that old?” 



“Didn't you?” 



“Didn't you?” 



The guys are so engrossed in ridicule that they even shed tears. 






At the same time, the watchtower not far from the infant castle. 


One of the guards, who was on guard duty, was bewildered by the unexpected incident that he saw out the window. 




“What, what? Why are there two suns over the infant castle?” 

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