The Rise Of The Werewolf Priest

5.Mary was sent to the voronet Romanian monastery



27 JANUARY 1965

8.00 AM

this morning Helga and Fredella looked well groomed they will join a prayer together which will be held by Pastor Ludwig and Miss Grace and all the monks and nuns there after that they will go to one of the monasteries in West Germany they will pay a visit to the Maulborn monastery which is located 40 km east of the city of Karisruhe two large buses had been ordered by nun Grace at exactly nine oclock they all boarded the bus on the bus. his friend who seemed happy and then he found out if Helga was still firm in his stance to serve in Romania so he asked his friend a question which the girl quickly answered while nodding her head.

”Helga! Can you not refuse the task? ” Fredella asked.

”Of course not Fredella, ” answered Helga.

”Try applying for a transfer to another church, ” said Fredella

”It was a direct decision of the Vatican, ” Helga replied.

Hearing the answer from his friend, Fredella was silent as well as Marry, who had been listening to the conversation of his two colleagues before leaving for West Germany, Fredella had received reliable and accurate information that the church of Saint Michael was the nest of the werewolf group. He got the news from his best friend. While in high school, Vanya Dolores, her two ancestors, Frans Froya and Beatrix Froya, used to live close to the monastery, they had a very loyal maidservant, but one day a pair of werewolves came at night to prey on their ancestors, of course they both ran away. in the direction of St Michaels church in the hope of getting help it happened that the maidservant had just returned from visiting her brother who lived not far from her masters house. soon the pair of hewolf and shewolf chased the two ancestors so that they arrived at the church of Saint Michael the event was witnessed by his servant named Freda Ulrich from behind a dark tree he saw the two ancestors of Vanya had been surrounded by werewolves after witnessing the incident then Freda fled away from the area to Ciurea station Romania shortly after the train arrived he immediately boarded towards the country of West Germany his face was very panicked and scared he promised never to return to Romania he was very traumatized by the terrible events that happened in front of his eyes so he returned to West Germany to return to his home as well as bring sad news to Vanyas grandfather and ancestors the story was told from generation to generation to Vanyas last descendants now they have all died including Freda, the servant of the Froya family. Helga tapped her shoulder gently, suddenly Fredellas thoughts disappeared, her best friend reminded her that they had arrived at the Abbey.

”You seem busy daydreaming Fredella, ” said Helga.

”No, I was just enjoying the view, ” replied Fredella.

Fredella only said to herself ”its useless if I tell you Helga! Then he immediately went down to follow the group and entered the monastery. The atmosphere inside seemed crowded with many orphanage children who had gathered as well as the congregation who were residents of the surrounding area. They seemed enthusiastic to welcome Pastor Ludwigs group who would enliven the atmosphere of this monastery. During the event Helga and Fredella enjoyed the atmosphere with all the children in the orphanage and also with the congregation of the convent. Finally, towards the end of the evening, the group of Pastor Ludwig returned to the Bamberger church when they arrived there at seven oclock in the evening. got off the bus and they entered the church while when the bus driver closed the gate then he heard the howls of some wolves from the Vries forest.

In the forest of Vries several pairs of red eyes stared at the church with lustful eyes from each of their snouts drooling and then their snouts smirked as if they couldn wait to prey on the inhabitants of the church before long Hewolf gave a signal with a howl that echoed throughout the forest until it could be heard. into the Bamberger church. Pastor Ludwig and Miss Grace were very surprised because both of them were about to pray in the room before long he stepped in front of the window while looking at the forest from a distance he saw ten wolves watching the church then he took binoculars clearly he saw that the animal was going back and forth watching over the church. In his room Fredella was also watching the Vries forest. He was very surprised when he heard the howling of a pack of wolves while Helga and Marry were fast asleep. Not long after, he saw ten wolves running towards the Bamberger Dom church. It seemed that the wild animals were about to attack all the inhabitants of this church from behind Pastor Ludwigs window. and Miss Grace watched the wolves run to attack the gate but what happened? After approaching the door they tried to jump through the door but unfortunately the efforts of the animals did not succeed, they suddenly retreated for some reason, apparently they could not penetrate the church door because it was blocked by the Wolfsbane plant that Fredella had planted earlier.

From behind the window Pastor Ludwig and Miss Grace almost screamed when they saw the group was about to attack the church door but failed the priest was surprised by the werewolf who couldn enter the Bamberger church before long Fredella came out of his room he saw the two church leaders were watching the action rather than the group the werewolf. The werewolf tried to attack the church door again and again, but again and again their efforts failed. Fredella approached Pastor Ludwig and Miss Grace by saying that she had protected the entire church with werewolf repellent plants so that the inhabitants of this church were safe. They breathed a sigh of relief they were horrified to see the werewolf army that came to attack this area and they thanked Fredella for protecting the church and all its inhabitants then Fredella warned the priest so that when he went anywhere he had to take the plant because this werewolf can present anytime and anywhere.

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