The Rise Of The Werewolf Priest

10.Darwolf war with white werewolf



APRIL 11 1965

9.00 AM

Father Appleton and Father Fracesco and nun Bernadette are still in the village of Potto tonight they will carry out their action against the villagers while the whole population does not know that there will be great danger to them. The villagers even welcomed their arrival like crown princes tonight they held a party to welcome the arrival of the religious leaders they all rejoiced without them all knowing that these werewolves were waiting when they were tired and fell asleep. all of these wolf-demon assumptions turned out to be true. By midnight one by one the residents fell into their sleep, they were very tired after a day of holding ceremonies to welcome their special guests shortly after nun Bernadette confirmed that all the residents had fallen asleep.

then suddenly heard the howls of several black-haired wolves that were heard from the Sutton forest, not long after that Pastor Appleton and all his fellow religious leaders had shown their true form and a reply was heard from within the village of Potto. At that time a girl named Laura Weichz woke up from her sleep she was very surprised to hear the howling of wolves in the forest and around her then she quickly woke her father and mother and one sister they all woke up from their sleep Lauras family were all watching the window before long they saw hundreds werewolf attacked the villagers Potto Lauras family was scared lucky their house has a basement that can penetrate into the Sutton forest then to Pluckley village then Lauras father locks the front door and Laura presses the button on the back of the bookshelf shortly the cupboard shifts to the left and there was a long hallway that led to the forest, the family quickly ran in and headed down the hall, the last time Lauras father pressed the cupboard button again and the cupboard moved to close the wall. While outside the village, many people shouted for help but all of that was in vain. The ferocity of the werewolves, there was no doubt that they were a very savage pack of wolves. Laura along with her family continued to run down the highway they had just come out of the dense and scary Sutton forest. Luckily when they were in the Sutton forest the ferocious werewolves were attacking the village of Potto so that their family survived the target of the werewolf prey they kept running until they arrived. at a Clairvaux convent located in the English village of Pluckley Kent Lauras father Sam Elliot and mother Valerie Maria Weichz were checking out the very quiet Clairvaux monastery while Laura and her sister Rudy were standing in the outer courtyard of the convent they managed to survive the dangers of the werewolf demon army.

Not long when they were staring at the monastery from the inside they heard someones footsteps opening the door of the monastery the family was gripped with fear finally from inside the monastery a priest was standing in front of the entrance to the monastery he was dressed all in white his hair was white Mr. Sam and his wife looked down at him. the priests face then the kind man asked them to go inside because it was not safe to just stand outside then they immediately obeyed the priests orders after they entered the atmosphere looked crowded by the monks who were going back and forth they smiled kindly to the family Weichz who looked still in fear after witnessing the massacre in Potto village.

”Good morning, sir, ” said Pastor Larry Wilcox.

”Good morning, Pastor, ” replied Mr. Sam.

”Why are you stranded here? ” asked Pastor Larry.

”Its a long story, Pastor, ” replied Mr. Sam.

Mr. Sam told the incident of the massacre in Potto village carried out by the werewolf nation last night, thats when his son woke up telling him about the incident and they had the luck of life because they were able to escape from the basement of their house that penetrated the forest. Sutton heard Mr. Sams words, the priest nodded his head and then he suggested that Mr. Sams family should stay in this village for a while to keep his family safe hearing that he could live in the convent made Mr. Sam happy he thanked Pastor Larry since then Mr. Sam and his family stayed for a while in this village until one day he finds out what is really in Pluckley village and who exactly are all of them who live here? On Saturday at midnight, Pak Sam accidentally woke up apparently he was very thirsty and then he got up from his bed while his wife and two children were still fast asleep at that time. He stepped over to the table to get a glass of water when suddenly there was a loud noise from within Pluckley village and from inside Clairvaux monastery itself. he was very surprised to hear the howling of wolves echoing each other as if they signaled each other in every howl so that the glass he was holding fell that very second, q heard the glass slam into the ground and shattered his wife and two children suddenly woke up then his wife stood up and approached her husband .

”Whats the matter Sam? ” asked Valerie.

”Hear the voices out there, ” said Sam.

Valeries mother approached the window while peeking from behind the window curtain but how shocked she was when she saw the battle that was going on outside she saw a group of black-haired werewolves against white werewolves, Mr. Sams family was very scared while in this monastery there was also the sound of a lot of wolves howling in fear. Mr. Sam tried to open the door to his room and then slowly he tried to peek a little from behind the door, it turned out that his heart almost stopped beating because he saw several monks being turned into werewolves slowly. the door while locking it with a deathly pale face he told his wife and two children that they had actually been trapped in this village and monastery so that they could not get out of here for good and he also did not know the next fate of this family, the body of Mr. Sam feels weak as well as his wife and children, they feel hopeless because there is no other way out to escape, apparently this is the journey of his familys life.

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