Everything matched the description in the novel.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“Please. By the way, I don't do anything unless it's interesting.”

Wolf stood up.

I didn't notice it when he was sitting, but when he stood up, he looked quite tall, as tall as Theodore.

Wolf gradually approached me.

Even though I was wearing a hood, it was as if he was going to look inside it.

Something dangerous flashed in his eyes as he met me.

He raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Ah. You are indeed intriguing.”


I followed Wolf to his room. It was an ordinary room with only a bed, wardrobe, and table.

I stood at the entrance.

Then Wolf, sitting at the table, motioned with his chin.

Taking it as a sign to sit down, I sat right across from him.

Then, without asking what kind of request I had, Wolf started explaining about the down payment and fee should he succeed.

It's fortunate that things were going as I had hoped, without any problems, but on the other hand, I felt uncomfortable.

‘Why was he being so obedient?’

I decided not to question it. Maybe I could get the answer I wanted to my request.

I was the one in a hurry, so first I put down the 10 gold for a down payment on the table as he requested.

Wolf immediately took the 10 gold.

It was okay to ask now because he had accepted the money.

Only then did I ask Wolf about what I had been curious about.

“Aren't you going to ask what's going on?”

Wolf clapped his hands as if he had finally remembered that question.

“Ah. Didn't think to ask that. So what do you want?”

I couldn't possibly follow Wolf's logic.

He had just cut off someone else's finger not too long ago.

Now he was… It was to the point where I doubted if he was the same person.

I was already tired at the thought of taking such a long journey with someone who was so difficult to predict.

I opened my mouth after wiping my face once as if I was wiping my face dry.

“I want you to get rid of the sandstorm that is being created in Terrian. Of course, you can't just go, you have to be disguised as my attendant.”

If he moved separately from me, Wolf would not be able to enter Terrian.

It was unlikely that a fugitive would have an ID.

Therefore, it was safest and most effective to go dressed as my attendant.

In a way, it was like asking for two things. Deep down, I was worried that Wolf would hesitate over this.

However, he reacted unexpectedly.

He twitched the corners of his mouth and nodded his head as if he liked it.

“I like it.”

I felt a bit uncomfortable for some reason, but I calmly took off the hood that was covering my face.

Since he accepted my request, it was time to introduce myself formally.

“My name is Rosenta Estella. I am the Duke of Estella.”

The room was dark, and my dark blue hair had lost its light and looked black.

I was wondering whether I should shine some light on my hair in case someone misunderstood and thought that I was lying because of the color of my hair.

“Ah… … Also.”

‘What did he say?” I couldn't hear properly because I was thinking about something else.

I turned my gaze to Wolf and asked.



Wolf shrugged and smiled at me.

It looked like he really didn't say anything.

Then, naturally, he moved on to his own self-introduction.

“I should also introduce myself.”

Is that his only response?

I thought that if he saw my true identity, he would react in disbelief.

Under normal circumstances, there’s no way that a person with the status of a duke would make a request to a madman in a back alley.

However, Wolf seemed to feel that it didn’t matter.

“My name is… … .”

I interrupted Wolf from continuing his remarks.

“I know, Mr.
Wolf. Please take good care of me.”

Wolfe was silent for the first time.

He looked at me with a blank expression on his face and smiled.

Then he muttered, “Yes.”

Wolf, what are you doing? ah… … .”

When I called Wolf's name once again, his hand reached out toward me.

Wolf pulled me to him by the nape of my neck. It was a quick move.

In the blink of an eye, Wolf's face was right in front of my nose.

It was so close that I could feel his hot breath.

He met my gaze and said.

“Please take care of me, Duke.”

He licked his upper lip and gave me a coquettish smile.


As soon as I returned to the castle, I fell asleep in my bed without changing clothes.

I had to leave for Terrian as soon as I woke up, so I was trying to get some sleep.

Come to think of it… I brought Wolf and entrusted him to Anna…

When I woke up, I wondered ‘Where is Wolf…’

I was about to ring the bedside bell to call for Anna as usual but stopped.

A stranger entered my field of vision.

It was Wolf, who was wearing a butler's uniform and smiling brightly.


“Are you awake, Duke?”

When I last saw him at dawn, Wolf was wearing clothes that were ill-fitted.

But now, his long black hair was neatly tied back and he was wearing a monocle.

Both hands were even wearing white gloves as though he were a real butler.

Beyond that, everything was meticulously groomed and tailored, down to event the buttons on his uniform.

“What’s going on….”

“The butler's clothes were better than the servants’. Please call me Butler Wolf from now on.”

“No, why… … .”

Wolf cut me off.

“Duke, you should prepare to leave now. I understand that you are departing from your companion's mansion. Your clothes were prepared in advance by Anna.”

It was a flawless performance.

Wolf was playing the role of butler so perfectly, no, he was acting almost as if he had been possessed by one.

My head was pounding.

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