t was a small mansion on the outskirts, not far from the duke's castle.

I got ready to go inside.

“Are you coming, Young Master?”

“You look beautiful today too, Baroness Ferora.”

“Ho Ho. Thank you for saying that. The Young Master is also handsome.”

Baroness Ferora was the one who was teaching me ballroom dancing.

This was the place the baroness used to teach dance.

Usually, it was just me, the baroness, a few attendants, and a band.

But today, I felt a bit uneasy. The number of people seems to be a bit too large.

I looked around the annex.

The baroness spoke to me as if my actions were strange.

“What are you looking at?”

“ah… … It seems a bit crowded today.”

At my answer, the baroness visibly shuddered.

“Ah! That is… … I’ve brought in someone special.”

“Are they in my class?”

“Yes… …You can't dance with me all the time. I specially brought a young lady your age for the duke.”

What she said made sense.

I nodded.

It was difficult for the baroness, as a grown woman, to dance with me at the age of eleven.

It's definitely easier to get a feel for dancing with someone your own age.

Agreeing with the baroness, I tried to ask about my partner, the young lady.

“Then who…”

“Oh! You’ve arrived.”

However, before I could ask, the Young Lady appeared first.

The Young Lady who entered our room was wearing a gorgeous lace dress.

A pink dress that matched the color of her wavy hair…

“Lady Marigold?”

Two bright red eyes flashed.

As if seeing me for the first time in years, Vivian's face bloomed brightly.

“Young Lord!”

“For today, we will stop here. Thank you both for your hard work. See you again this time next time.”

As soon as Mrs.
Ferora finished speaking, I sat down on the floor. It was not the time to be aristocratic or to be concerned with manners.

And it seemed I wasn't the only one thinking this.

Vivian lay flat on her stomach, gasping for breath.

During the female portion of the dance, there are many parts where the waist is bent, so it will be more difficult.

“Young Lord, please drink some of this water.”

An attendant brought me water.

I gulped down the water and lost myself in my thoughts for a while. What should I do with Vivian?

Was this what being a leech meant?

If it's like this…I seemed to know why the prince hated Vivian.

I guess it's better to talk to her.

I cut my worries short with quick action.

“Lady Marigold.”

Her bright red eyes opened wide like those of a rabbit and she jumped up.

“I have a question.”

“Yes? Ask anything!”

Conversely, I was surprised by the lively answer.

I hesitated for a moment but thought that I should speak.
I opened my mouth again.

“Did you follow me?”

Vivian was startled.

In addition, she stared into empty space and answered with an unnatural gesture.

“Oh, is that what it looks like? Ooh, what a coincidence. That… … I’ve also been taking lessons from Mrs.
Perora, but…”

“I’m aware that Mrs.
Ferora is only giving private lessons to me.”

At my words, Vivian started to panic openly.

Her face was white and her eyes trembled mercilessly. Her appearance made her restlessness obvious.

“I like honest people.”

Scared to finish her words, Vivian shouted out loud.

“Actually, Young Lord, I followed you! I asked my father…”

“Why did you follow me?”

“That is… … I want to be friends with the Lord. He helped me with my hair the other day and, unlike the other young girls, he doesn't curse at me saying he doesn't like me…And the Lor-, the Lords is pretty!”


In the end, my laughter broke out. The last response was completely unexpected.

What do we do? You are so cute.

Apparently, my impression of Vivian wasn't too bad.

A rabbit, a puppy, and now a little sister came to mind first.

Of course, there was also the small impression of a leech.

I was plunged into a new dilemma.

“Young lady, what do you think of the crown prince?”

“Theo? I love him! But if the Lord says he doesn't like his highness… … I will try to hate him too!”

After hesitating for a moment, Vivian responded with clenched fists as if making a great decision.

Seeing this, my scale began to tip to one side.

No one could ignore a cute puppy looking at them with such anxious eyes.

That includes me.

“No. It's okay if you like His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Yes. Because Vivian still likes the crown prince, there's no way the story will change because of me.

In a way, it might not matter even if Vivian does change.

The heroine would be much more comfortable if Vivian didn't bother her.

Rather, it would mean that I am helping the female lead.

After finishing justifying my actions to myself, I opened my mouth to Vivian again.

“Imagine someone following the young lady wherever she goes. Do you think it would make you feel good?”

At my words, Vivian's eyes drooped.

She shook her head weakly, avoiding my gaze.

“But thank you for being honest with me as promised. So, young lady, don't follow me like this from now on, why don't you make an appointment in advance and come and see me?”

“Me, see you? Me?”

Vivian's head, which had been bowed down, suddenly lifted.

Both cheeks were stained bright red.

I nodded to Vivian and held out my hand.

“Shall we be friends, Vivian?”

Tears welled up in Vivian's bright, ruby-red eyes.

I couldn't tell whether my words had actually stimulated her sensibility.

It didn't matter to me anyway.

The important thing is that Vivian held my hand and that I had my first friend in this world.

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